Valerie Huttle

Eight legislators who could lose '09 primaries

Eight members of the New Jersey State Assembly are in danger of losing party support if they seek re-election in 2009:

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This week's Valerie Huttle Chutzpah Award goes to Murray Sabrin

In a press release on his new opponent in the Republican U.S. Senate primary, Murray Sabrin called Dick Zimmer a two-time loser.  Sabrin’s statement is both hypocritical and inaccurate.  Sabrin, is a two-time loser: he won 6% of the vote in his 1997 run for Governor as Libertarian, and he received 13% in his fourth-place finish in the 2000 Republican U.S. Senate primary. 

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Smith gets Huttle chutzpah award

The Winner of this week’s Valerie Huttle Chutzpah Award is the Chris Smith for Congress campaign, which criticized Democratic challenger Josh Zeitz for living and voting outside the district.  Zeitz voted in New York while he was in college, and lived in Massachusetts and in England while he was a college professor at Harvard and Cambridge.  It’s interesting that Smith would even bring up residency as an issue, considering he lives in Virginia.

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You Make the Call: Clinton or Obama

Which Democratic presidential candidate is the real “agent of change”? 

That was the topic of The Record’s Charles Stile’s column on Tuesday.

In his political column previewing last night’s Hillary Clinton for President fundraiser organized by Bergen County Democrat Chair Joe Ferriero, Stile questioned the legitimacy of Clinton’s reform message.

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Irony doesn’t get much better than this

Hillary Clinton went to Hackensack yesterday to accept Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joseph Ferriero’s endorsement – a stop she had to make because Ferriero refused to officially support her unless she came to Bergen County for a public kissing of the ring. So with Ferriero and Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle nearby, Clinton said: "Let's reform the government so it ends the no-bid contracts and the cronyism and the incompetence."

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Ferriero endorses Clinton at Bergen rally

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Hackensack today, where she was endorsed by Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero: Getty Images PhotoHillary Clinton campaigns in Hackensack today, where she was endorsed by Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero: Getty Images Photo

In her first public campaign stop in New Jersey since September, Hillary Clinton made an appearance tonight at Bergen County Academies in Hackensack to accept the endorsements of Bergen County Chairman Joe Ferriero and a host of other elected officials from the powerhouse.

The appearance came immediately after Clinton attended a $2,300 per head fundraiser at the Stony Hill Inn across town, and afterwards she was off to another rally to appeal to the Hispanic vote in North Bergen. Earlier today, she was in Pennsylvania to accept the endorsement of Gov. Ed Rendell.

The Hackensack crowd, which Clinton campaign officials estimated at 700 to hear Clinton speak at the school's gymnasium with 1,000 more overflowing into its auditorium, had to wait. Clinton arrived about an hour and a half late, leaving Bergen County Sheriff Leo McGuire to keep the crowd entertained, adlibbing jokes and poking fun at other elected officials.

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Another chutzpah award for Bergen County

Today’s Valerie Huttle Chutzpah Award is Republican Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk, who is suddenly against the government borrowing money without taxpayer approval, despite her vote in support of a 1997 $2.75 billion pension bond borrowing plan. Vandervalk has written an Op-Ed criticizing Governor Jon Corzine’s asset monetization plan.

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Marriage Equality wants vote in 2008, not during '07 lame duck

Supporters of marriage equality say they have 19 votes in the Senate and 39 in the Assembly – two votes short of passing a same sex marriage law – and are “thrilled, strategically” that legislative leaders have decided not to post the bill during the lame duck session, according to an e-mail sent by Garden State Equality President Steven Goldstein and obtained by Goldstein says his organization’s focus in lame duck is on hate crimes legislation.

“We put a ton of resources into the 2007 elections and it paid off. There will be no excuses (not) to pass a marriage equality bill in 2008,” Goldstein wrote. “Quite frankly, it would be a snap for us to gin up three times the calls and emails to legislators that the right-wing is doing now. We've done that time and again over the past couple of years, to the point where legislators have called us begging us to stop.”

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Bergen Post-Mortem

Bergen Post-Mortem

As the dust settles in Bergen County and the political parties spin the election results, you can expect to hear the Republicans talking a lot about Rutherford.

It’s where Republican challenger John Hipp trampled Democratic incumbent Mayor Bernadette McPherson -- beating her by a margin of 2-1, and tying the council 3-3, with two Republican candidates ousting incumbent Democrats.

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Weinberg spends the evening at Wildes' house

These days, State Senator Loretta Weinberg won’t speak to Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes or Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joseph Ferriero unless she absolutely has to. So many people were wondering why Weinberg, minus Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle and Assemblyman (and Lyndon LaRouche donor) Gordon Johnson, who both live in Englewood, dragged herself to a fundraiser for Senator Frank Lautenberg at Wildes’ home last night and stayed until nearly the last person left.

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The Back Room

Monmouth Shore Local Newspaper, The Two River Times, Gets New Owner

The Two River Times, a weekly local newspaper covering affluent towns on along the Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers, was sold earlier this month. On July 11, Domenic M. DiPiero III of Rumson, bought the quirky community newspaper from its previous owner, Michael "Mickey" Gooch.

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Wake-Up Call

Morning Digest: July 31st

  Christie to Newark hecklers: 'I've spent as much time in Newark as anyone else' BELMAR - Gov. Chris Christie's got nothing but love for The Brick City, or so he says. In response to a Newark school student here today -- a 17-year-old president of the Newark Student Union...


The health of New Jersey's women is not Chris Christie's priority

By Linda Stender At his most recent town hall, Gov. Chris Christie accused his predecessors of "monkeying with the math" when it comes to their handling of our state's economy. But as the old saying goes, when the governor points a finger, he... Read More >


(7-30-14) Who Is Best Equipped to Decide the Fate of the Common Core? - The latest Christie controversy surrounds his Executive Order to revamp the state’s academic... more »
 The following letter was sent today to Republican state legislators, county chairs, state committee members, and New Hampshire... more »
The Perry-Paul Debate is Healthy for the GOP – and for America  The foreign policy debate in the media between prospective GOP Presidential candidates Texas Governor Rick Perry and... more »
(Washington DC)-- Two recent votes on Capitol Hill suggest an overdue and radical departure from our nation's Draconian and costly War on Drugs.  It's a long-overdue discussion (and not just... more »

Quote of the Day

quote of the day

"Go to Mayor [Cory] Booker and ask him if he thinks in the years that he was mayor if I ignored Newark. The fact is I've spent as much time in Newark as anyone else." - Gov. Chris Christie

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