Kristin Corrado

Judge puts Haledon mayor back on the line

Haledon Mayor Domenick Stampone prevailed in court yesterday, securing his position on the Passaic County Democratic Organization line in the June 8 primary.  The new Republican County Clerk, Kristin "Murph" Corrado, had put Stampone’s opponent on the line because he was the first to submit petitions.  Superior Court Judge Margaret McVeigh ruled that the line gets to be awarded by the Passaic County Democratic Organization and the Democratic candidates for Freeholder) which are supporting Stampone.

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Haledon line an issue for Passaic Dems

Newly-elected Passaic County Clerk Kristin Corrado, a protégé of former Passaic County GOP Chairman Peter Murphy, is already causing trouble for Passaic County Democrats.  Last week she awarded the Passaic County Democratic Organization, Inc. line to insurgent Haledon Mayoral candidate Dominick Fusco and his Council slate.  Fusco is an acolyte of Haledon Democratic Committee Municipal Leader Gerald Volpe - who fielded a slate to take on incumbent Mayor Domenick Stampone and Council President Maha Kandis.  
Stampone blocked Volpe from being appointed to a $100,000 position with the Manchester Utilities Authority, which prompted a split in the local Democratic Party.  Volpe recruited Fusco and his council slate to try and hold off a challenge from Stampone – who has fielded a full slate of County Committee candidates in an effort to oust Volpe.  

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“It’s tremendous to see Republicans back in office in Passaic County and Kristin has proved she is a fantastic vote getter with a tremendously hard working team behind her.”

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In Passaic, GOP County Clerk might keep Democrat as deputy

One of the upsets of the year came in Passaic County, where Republicans won the County Clerk post and three Freeholder seats, despite a messy intra-party fight and even though Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine's won the county 53%-44%.

Corzine's numbers in Passaic County fell short of his performance in 2005, when he won 60%-40% against Republican Douglas Forrester.  Corzine received 61,803 votes in 2005 and 57,010 in 2009; while Forrester received 41,532 votes, Christie's total was 48,500. 

In Paterson, which makes up nearly 20% of the total votes cast in the county, Corzine's margin over Christie was 15,121, about the same as his 15,550 vote win over Forrester.  Christie did a better than Forrester in Passaic and Clifton, but it was the suburbs that boosted his numbers: he carried Wayne by 3,623 votes - more than three times Forrester's margin (1,066) four years ago.  He quadruped Forrester's margin in Hawthorne, and doubled them in Totowa, West Milford.  Christie turned a 183 vote loss in Little Falls into a 359 vote win.

The key to the county GOP victories: huge drop-offs in the cities - Corzine received 5,213 more votes in Paterson and Passaic than the Democratic candidate for County Clerk - and GOP County Clerk-elect Kristin Corrado taking in just 899 votes more than Christie overall; solid wins in the north county towns; and a 52%-48% win in Clifton.  Corzine won Clifton 50%-46%.

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Despite victories, Passaic GOP feud lingers

Ask leaders of the two Republican factions in Passaic County how they swept the county office elections last night and you get two different interpretations.

Passaic County Republican Chairman Scott Rumana (R-Wayne), who's also an assemblyman, attributed the win to the dominant Democratic Party losing touch with the county's residents. 

"You have citizens in Passaic County who have been disenfranchised by the Democratic Party," he said.  "We've been pulling in people who were not part of the party for many years, and that's really been a big, big help in this process."

In a stunning upset, Republicans beat three Democrats - including the incumbent freeholder director, Tahesha Way - and won the county clerk seat

Rumana said that his party's "team building" approach to leadership also played a role.

But Mike Mecca, who is chairman of the splinter group GOP Strong - which challenged Rumana for his chairmanship and supported assembly primary candidates against him - said that Kristin Corrado, county clerk candidate that GOP Strong recruited to defeat the PCRRO's candidate in the June primary -- led the Republican ticket to victory.

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“The municipal leaders, the rank and file party faithful and the candidates throughout the county  worked very hard with limited resources to score many impressive wins.  Mr. Rumana should take this opportunity to pull the party together and put in place the leadership sharing plan he promised us in June,” said Mecca.   


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GOP upset in Passaic Clerk race; Peter Murphy is back

Republicans won all three hotly contested races for County Clerk.  The biggest upset came in Passaic County, where Kristin Corrado, a former assistant counsel to the governor, defeated Woodland Park Councilman Keith Kazmark by a 52%-48% margin.  Cumberland County Clerk Gloria Noto and Salem County Clerk Gilda Gill were also re-elected despite facing aggressive Democratic challenges.

The Passaic County Clerk's office returns to Republican hands after five years of Democratic control.  In 2004, Karen Brown ousted popular GOP Clerk Ronni Nochimson.  Brown quickly fell out of favor with county Democratic leaders and she did not seek re-election.  Democrats picked Kazmark over Nochimson, who switched parties two years ago.  Corrado is allied with a faction of the Passaic County GOP headed by former GOP County Chairmen Peter Murphy and Michael Mecca; she had won a contested primary over the candidate backed by the Passaic County GOP organization.  Her victory, to some extent, marks a political comeback for Murphy, who served time in a federal prison earlier in the decade and was prosecuted by the newly-elected Governor, Christopher Christie.

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“Anthony and his running mate Joe Caruso ran a very positive, issue-oriented campaign that impressed me and lot of other people. I will run a campaign based on facts and issues that are important to the public and I know Anthony will help me reach that goal,” said Corrado. 

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Passaic GOP prepares for tonight's battle over chairmanship

Passaic GOP prepares for tonight's battle over chairmanship

The hard fought battle for control of the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization (PCRRO) might come to a head tonight, when a splinter group allied with a former party leader will attempt to oust Chairman Scott Rumana.

Rumana, who is also an assemblyman and a former mayor of Wayne, wants to hold on to his chairmanship.  The rival organization, GOP Strong, is all but officially backing Totowa attorney Carl Mazzie, a former Rumana ally.

But, as the Herald News reported this morning, Mazzie went to court yesterday to delay the reorganization meeting until all sixteen of the county's municipal clerks have certified results for over 500 county committee races. Superior Court Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh said she would decide whether the meeting would go forward unless the opposing sides came up with a compromise.

Rumana was confident that the court would rule in his favor, and said no compromise was necessary.  By tonight, he said, most municipal clerks will have certified the results.  Committee candidates whose statuses are still unresolved will be able to cast provisional ballots

"About 95 percent or more of these people are unchallenged, guaranteed winners - they go into the voting machine. The balance of that 5%, if there's any question about whether they've won, they go to provisional ballots," he said.  "Every vote will be counted, and if those provisionals have any impact on this race, then we'll worry about it."

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Anti-organization GOP slate in Passaic has not addressed gubernatorial issue

A Republican splinter group from Passaic County last night unveiled a slate of three freeholder candidates and one county clerk candidate to take on whomever the local Republican organization fields in the June primary.

Members of the group, called GOP Strong, said that about 300 people turned out to a Little Falls union hall to see the three freeholder candidates -- Bruno Varano, a retired federal law enforcement agent from Wayne; Debra Andriani, a legal assistant from Totowa; and Robert Cruz, a Web developer from Pompton Lakes.  The group also fielded county clerk candidate Kristin Corrado, who has a law practice and is the Totowa Municipal Attorney.

GOP strong, which counts former Republican chairman Peter Murphy as a co-founder and is headed up by activists Michael Ramaglia and Michael Mecca, has been feuding with current Passaic County Republican Chairman and Assemblyman Scott Rumana (R-Wayne) over control of the mainstream organization.

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The Back Room

Christie takes state helicopter to campaign in Connecticut

Gov. Chris Christie took the "upper level" -- helicoptering over the George Washington Bridge -- to beat rush hour traffic from his home state to a recent GOP fundraiser with Connecticut gubernatorial contender Tom Foley, according to a Hearst Media report.

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Wake-Up Call

Morning Digest: July 24th

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NJ Legislature must get behind statewide standard of responsible contracting

By Michael Capelli As a 30 year union carpenter, I learned first-hand how important it was to have the right tools for the job. Now as the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the 30,000 men and women of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters I... Read More >


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Quote of the Day

quote of the day

"Gov. Chris Christie says he won’t campaign for the Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York because the cause is hopeless: Gov. Andrew Cuomo is ahead by more than 30 points. But he will campaign in New Hampshire, over and over, where the Republican is also trailing by more than 30 points. What’s the reason? It may be that New Hampshire holds the nation’s first presidential primary. It may be that he doesn’t want to mess with Cuomo, who knows where the skeletons are buried at the Port Authority. But one thing is certain: Gov. Straight Talk is spinning again. And it seems to be habit-forming." - columnist Tom Moran

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