Glen Gilmore

Gilmore says he has no plans to return to public office

Gilmore says he has no plans to return to public office
Former Hamilton Mayor Glen Gilmore

If Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro) prevails in a special election and obtains the 14th District state senate seat, former Hamilton Mayor Glen Gilmore does not intend to seek her vacated assembly seat, he told

"It was a privilege for me to serve in public office," said the mayor, who lost re-election in 2007 to Mayor John Bencivengo. "Also, my first experience with public life actually came when I served as a legislative aide to Joseph Patero who had served as an Assemblyman for the the 14th Legislative District. I began when I was a high school student and my hometown of Manville was part of the 14th District.

"I am, however, enjoying private life and have no plans to return to public office in the near future," added the Democrat.

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At this point it's all just speculation, but has the campaign started anyway?

Speculation that State Sen. Bill Baroni could become the next U.S. Attorney if John McCain wins the presidency has created some discussion among Democrats about who they would support in a 2009 special election to fill his seat.  If Baroni were to resign, Republicans would hold a special election convention to elect a new Senator - possibly former Hamilton Mayor Jack Rafferty - who could then (depending on the timing of the appointment) face a Democrat in a November 2009 special election.  One Mercer County Democratic leader said that former Hamilton Mayor Glen Gilmore could emerge as a serious contender, suggesting that his local popularity is on the upswing after narrowly losing last year to Republican John Bencivengo.

The problem for Gilmore, if he decides to pursue a political comeback as a State Senate candidate, is that the local Democratic bench is wide and deep.  Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein passed on a Senate bid 2007 (when Peter Inverso announced his retirement) after several key labor unions quickly endorsed Baroni.  Greenstein, the top vote getter in the '07 Assembly race and with a significant base in Middlesex County, is unlikely to back down from another Senate fight.

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The race for U.S. Attorney (Part I)

There's another statewide campaign in New Jersey next winter: the race to succeed Christopher Christie as the United States Attorney - a post that holds considerable power and visibility, and potentially a launching pad for higher public office.   By tradition, federal prosecutors submit their resignations to coincide with the inauguration of a new President. 

If John McCain wins, possible candidate for U.S. Attorney include McCain state campaign director Rick Mroz, a former Chief Counsel to Gov. Christine Todd Whitman; and State Sen. Bill Baroni, the Chairman of McCain's New Jersey campaign.  Mroz runs former Assemblyman/BPU Commissioner Edward Salmon's consulting firm, and is associated with former Cumberland County GOP Chairman Lawrence Pepper's law firm.  Baroni is a Seton Hall University law professor, and has been on Team McCain since 1999, when he worked on the national campaign staff as McCain's advanceman. 

McCain could also go with one of Christie's deputies, like First Assistant U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra or Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney Michele Brown.

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Bencivengo vows to remember Hamilton's working class

Hamilton Mayor John BencivengoHamilton Mayor John BencivengoStrengthened by what he described as a "shared vision with my people, a cause to be accomplished and a dream come true," John Bencivengo officially became mayor of Hamilton today as he was sworn in by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith in the ballroom of the Nottingham Firehouse in front of a crowd of 350 people.

"I wish that I could have given a more cheerful address today," said Bencivengo in a nod to the town’s $10 million budget deficit. "But even if our fiscal circumstances had been better, even if we had ample surplus, I’d be saying the same things. It should be our goal, no matter the circumstances, to do more with less."

The former Republican Party municipal chairman and fired government worker ran and won on a platform of restoring common sense and accountability to government. Today Bencivengo swore always to remember that working families fund the town, and promised to present the 2009 budget on time in July.

He made the second of these vows in defiance of the record of his predecessor, Glen Gilmore, who sat on the document last year until a judge ruled he had to release it to the Township Council prior to the November election. The release of the 2008 budget, which initially showed a $5 million shortfall, helped propel the Republican Bencivengo to victory over Gilmore by fewer than 500 votes.

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From asbestos factory to Wal-Mart: the journey of Angelo Corradino and Manville

Manville Mayor Angelo Corradino lost his bid for re-election to a fifth termManville Mayor Angelo Corradino lost his bid for re-election to a fifth termA bowling alley named Tenpin Lanes stands in the center of Manville, between a pair of Superfund sites that are the remnants of the town’s bulldozed factory era.

The alley for years has been a source of entertainment and relaxation for the hard luck blue collar work force here, and for Angelo Corradino, the borough’s longest serving mayor who straddled the transition Manville made from factories to shopping malls, and who earlier this month lost by 78 votes in his bid for a fifth term in office.

An old high school linebacker and longsuffering Jets and Mets fan who spent 19 years as an elected official in Manville, the past 16 of those as mayor, Corradino says rumors that he wanted to go full time with an annual salary of $95,000 sank his chances of re-election.

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Gilmore prepares for private life, but won't rule out challenge to Smith

Hamilton Mayor Glen Gilmore today said he was disappointed but not shocked by the results of an election he lost earlier this month by 51 to 49%, and wouldn't speculate on the details of a comeback.

Asked about rumors that he would challenge Rep. Christopher Smith in 2008, Gilmore left the door open.

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Gilmore confident despite allegations of pending tax hike

Slapped on Election Day with a front page headline notifying voters in Hamilton Township that there is a $5 million shortfall in the budget, Mayor Glen Gilmore said he is confident Hamiltonians will judge him on his full body of work as mayor.

"They came in at the last minute but we have laid the foundation to withstand that," said Gilmore in the Colonial Firehouse, addressing the Republican Township Council's successful efforts yesterday to release the town's financial assessment in the hours before Election Day.

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Working on all fronts, everyone is a concerned citizen in Hamilton

Republican mayoral candidate John Bencivengo peruses the town's financial assessment statement in Hamilton.Republican mayoral candidate John Bencivengo peruses the town's financial assessment statement in Hamilton.

It’s all politics in Hamilton a day before Election Day as Republican mayoral candidate John Bencivengo climbs out of his sport utility vehicle and walks into the office of Council President Dave Kenny.

Kenny and the Republican Council have been fighting with Democratic Mayor Glen Gilmore over the town’s budget and pressuring the mayor through the courts to release details of Hamilton’s financial health before, and not after, the mayoral election.

Moments earlier, the appellate division of the state Superior Court upheld Kenny’s appeal, and denied Gilmore’s motion to issue a stay in the release of the town’s annual financial statement. Now Bencivengo watches as Kenny receives by fax the financial statement from Bowman and Company, the company charged with preparing the information.

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Judge rules against Gilmore

On the day before a critical mayoral election, Republicans chalked up a key victory in Hamilton today.

Following a state judge's ruling against Mayor Glen Gilmore's request for a stay on the town's municipal budget, Bowman & Co. released the township's annual financial statement to Republican Township Council President David J. Kenny.

Gilmore is in a close race with John Bencivengo, who has complained since August about the mayor's unwillingness to release details of the budget.

Kenny said that the budget contains a $4 million deficit on the revenue side, and a $1 million deficit on the expenditures side.

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Gilmore in trouble

One of the races to watch tomorrow is in Hamilton Township, where Democrat Glen Gilmore may be in trouble as he battles Republican John Bencivengo in his bid for a third term.  Gilmore, once viewed as a rising star in state Democratic politics, has refused to release budget and audit information -- leaving some voters to believe that he is looking to hide a tax hike until after Tuesday. 

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Brindle's PolitickerNJ Op-Ed a Must-Read

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