Angelo Genova

NACo-Gate Day 24: Magazzu’s Peter Cammarano Connection

Magazzu now hiding behind an attorney connected to disgraced former Hoboken Mayor

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The politics of corruption

The tidal wave unleashed this week by the FBI and the US Attorney's Office across New Jersey will likely re-calibrate the campaign for Governor.  While the corruption did not touch the Governor personally in any way, the investigation of his DCA Commissioner and the arrest of the protégé of his long-time counselor and advisor Angelo Genova are certainly too close for comfort, and re-set the general election campaign in terms unfavorable for the Democrats.

It is true that Governor Corzine's approval ratings, favorable standing, and ballot strength were all at all time lows, according to all independent public opinion polls.  It is also true that the Governor received no apparent "bounce" from the visit last week by President Obama.  The latest Strategic Vision poll after the visit showed an even stronger Christie lead.

But it is also true that the Governor's spending of his vast personal wealth on early negative advertising had an opportunity to tilt the playing field to his advantage, as his opponent could not match him dollar for dollar.

The Governor has spent in excess of $4 million since the primary for this purpose.

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November '09 mayoral election in Hoboken?

If Peter Cammarano, arrested on federal corruption charges after just 23 days in office, resigns as Mayor of Hoboken before early September, there will be a November 2009 special election to fill his seat.  In the meantime, Council President Dawn Zimmer, who narrowly lost the June runoff to Cammarano, could become Acting Mayor.

Cammarano was an associate in the law office of Democratic power lawyer Angelo Genova.

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Cammarano's secret weapon in a Hoboken recount: Angelo Genova

The two runoff elections for Mayor yesterday are exceedingly close and it will probably take a Judge to decide who the winners are.  In Hoboken, Peter Cammarano leads Dawn Zimmer by 67 votes, 6,043 to 5,976, with about 80 provisional ballots to be counted.  Zimmer led the machine voting by 244 votes, but Cammarano took the lead after absentee ballots have been counted.  

In Hillside, unofficial results show outsider Joseph Menza with a six vote lead, 1,705 to 1,699, over Councilman Jerome Jewell, with a reported ten provisional ballots that will be counted today.  

Cammarano has one clear advantage in a recount and a legal discussion over provisional ballots: his law partner is Angelo Genova, one of the state's top election law experts.  Jewell has the backing of Hillside Democratic Municipal Chair Charlotte DeFilippo, who is also the Union County Democratic Chair.

If Menza holds his lead in the non-partisan race, it would be a stunning defeat for the Democratic Governor's Association (DGA), which contributed more than $10,000 to ensure Jewell's election.  Menza received some help from Republican gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie, so sent some volunteers his way last week in a bid to get Hillside Republicans to oppose Jewell.  

Menza's council candidates lost to Jewell's slate, so even if Menza's lead holds and he becomes mayor, the council will remain in the hands of the local Democratic Party machine.  

In Jersey City, two City Council incumbents backed by Mayor Jerramiah Healy easily won their runoff elections.  Healy allies now occupy every City Council seat but the one held by Steven Fulop.

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How Cammarano topped Mason

The polls might have had Councilwoman Beth Mason as the front-runner in Hoboken, but the mistakes she made with bad political calculations and bad alliances did her in at the voting booth this past Tuesday.  While Mason was talking about bridging the gap between Old Hoboken and New Hoboken, Councilman Peter Cammarano was actually doing it.

Cammarano, a protégé of Angelo Genova at the politically-connected firm of Genova, Burns and Vernoia, had been executing a plan for the past two years with the help of a mix of new and old political hands - including former Hudson County Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons, Hoboken street politics veteran Perry Belfiore, and consultants Joshua Henne and Scott Shields of White Horse Strategies.

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Josephson will be Obama N.J. counsel

Barack Obama's presidential campaign is expected to name Paul Josephson, a former Chief Counsel to Gov. James E. McGreevey, as the counsel to their New Jersey campaign.  There had been speculation that the post would go to either Angelo Genova or Bill Matsikoudis, the Jersey City Corporation Counsel.  By picking Josephson, the Obama campaign avoids another internal battle like the one that delayed the appointment of a state campaign director.

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When will an early Obama supporter get an Obama N.J. campaign post?

Sources close to the Barack Obama campaign say that there will be roles in the New Jersey campaign for Rep. Steve Rothman’s Chief of Staff, Bob Decheine, and for Bill Matsikoudis, the top lawyer for Jersey City Mayor/Hudson County Democratic Chairman Jerramiah Healy.  Obama selected Tricia Mueller, the political director for the carpenters union, to run his N.J. operation.

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Corzine changes course and reveals SOS donors; DeMicco must be worried about his wife's confirmation

Sometimes a little tone deaf to process issues, Governor Jon Corzine is not exactly the poster child for full disclosure. That’s something that began with his refusal to release his federal income tax returns during his 2000 U.S. Senate bid, and his initial failure to release a list of contributions his charitable foundation made as he launched his political career in 1999. An Op-Ed written last year by a member of his own administration alleged that “Jon Corzine has engaged in unprecedented secretive decision-making, without consulting community leaders, elected officials, legislators, government affairs professionals, or government agencies.”

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Angelo Genova always has this done in advance, not the day before the election

One sign that Hillary Clinton’s New Jersey campaign may have been a bit overconfident -- her campaign sent out an e-mail this afternoon recruiting lawyers to work on Election Day: As you know, tomorrow – February 5, 2008 – is primary election day across New Jersey.  As in years past, we are assembling a statewide team of volunteer attorneys to work at the polling places, respond to potential problems, make court applications, answer questions, assist the field operation, and generally help the campaign’s legal efforts.  These efforts by volunteer attorneys on Election Day are an integral part of ensuring proper conduct throughout the election, protecting every person’s right to vote, and making sure every vote counts.”

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Good theater: Genova vs. Carbone

If you have some time next week and want some free entertainment, go to the courthouse in Morristown and watch Angelo Genova and John Carbone duke it out in the case that never ends: a challenge to the 2005 Parsippany mayoral election.  Democrat Michael Luther, who took office two years ago after seemingly defeating Republican Rosemarie Agostini by 39 votes, now faces a court fight to keep his seat as Agostini, who has lost four races for Mayor and lost her Council seat in a GOP primary last year, seeks to become Mayor amidst allegations that several dozen Luther votes were cast by people who did not live in Parsippany.

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Wake-Up Call

Morning Digest: September 15th

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Quote of the Day

quote of the day

"As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities."

- Voltaire


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