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AC Freeholder Cooper mulls Assembly run

AC Freeholder Cooper mulls Assembly run

Atlantic County Freeholder Alisa Beth Cooper is mulling a run for Assembly next year in the 2nd Legislative District, she told
"With 2011 almost here, yes, I am thinking about running for the NJ Assembly, and I have been approached," said Cooper, whose late mother Dolores served as an assemblywoman from 1983 to 1991. 

"But, I have not made a definite decision, as yet," Cooper said. "I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Freeholder -- since 2006 --- and am proud to be an integral part of Atlantic County government, and I have accomplished much of what I spoke about during my campaigns.

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Atlantic County GOP chairman reads desperation in Democrats' District 2 ticket

Atlantic County GOP chairman reads desperation in Democrats' District 2 ticket
State Democratic Party Chair Joe Cryan, left, mingles with Northfield Councilman Jimmy Martinez and the Rev. Reginald Floyd, right.

EGG HARBOR CITY – When the better-known names faded, Atlantic County Democrats turned to two relative newcomers – Northfield Councilman Jimmy Martinez and Northfield attorney and Minister Reginald Floyd - who accepted their party’s nomination tonight at the Vienna Inn on the White Horse Pike.

By all accounts good guys in their party’s eyes, the pair nonetheless emanated “B” team presence after freeholders Alisa Cooper and Charlie Garrett and former Atlantic County Prosecutor Jeff Blitz made the rumor rounds as early favorites these last few weeks to face incumbent GOP Assemblyman John Amodeo and Assemblyman Vince Polistina in a South Jersey war - only to decide against running 

Republicans promptly pounced on the news coming out of Egg Harbor City tonight.

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Cooper reconsiders

Atlantic County Freeholder Alisa Cooper announced this morning that she did not plan to run for assembly in the 2nd Legislative District, but she is reconsidering at the urging of party leaders.  

“Once the word got out that I was not going to run, I started to receive some phone calls,” she said.  “Some very important phone calls from very important people who were asking me to reconsider.”

Cooper’s press release this morning said she was honored to have been asked to run, but had just been reelected to the freeholder board last year and wanted to concentrate on serving in that position. 

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Report: Cooper declines assembly run

Atlantic County Freeholder Alisa Cooper told the Press of Atlantic City this morning that she will not run for assembly in the 2nd Legislative District.

Cooper, a Democrat, won reelection to the freeholder board last year and has been weighing an assembly bid for several months.

Cooper’s mother, Dolores G. Cooper, a Republican, served five terms in the assembly, from 1982 to 1992.  

Atlantic County Democrats had also hoped to run Jeff Blitz, a former county prosecutor, but he turned down the offer.  The party has yet to reveal a slate to run against incumbents John Amodeo (R-Margate) and Vince Polistina (R-Egg Harbor Township).   

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Without Blitz, Democrats unlikely to play in District 2

Former Atlantic County Prosecutor Jeffrey Blitz, a Republican who Democrats recruited to run for assembly in the 2nd Legislative District, has turned down the offer.

“I made it known early on after I gave it some thought that I didn’t want to be a candidate,” said Blitz, 67, who served for 22 years as county prosecutor.  

Democrats were hoping to launch a major offensive against incumbents Vince Polistina (R-Egg Harbor Township) and John Amodeo (R-Margate), but top state party insiders felt that Blitz was the only potential candidate who could be competitive in the current political climate.  

Last month, the Press of Atlantic City reported that Blitz’s name surfaced in a Democratic poll, although by that time, Blitz said, he had already taken his name out of the running.

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Hurley: Cooper will run for Assembly

Hurley: Cooper will run for Assembly
Atlantic County Freeholder Alisa Cooper may run for State Assembly in 2009 against GOP freshmen Vincent Polistina and John Amodeo.

Atlantic County Freeholder Alisa Beth Cooper will seek the Democratic nomination for State Assembly in the second district, according to a report by South Jersey radio personality Harry Hurley.  Cooper was re-elected to a second term as Freeholder last month.  A former Republican, she is the daughter of the late Delores Cooper, who served many years as a Republican Assemblywoman from Atlantic County. TheGOP  incumbents are both freshmen: Vincent Polistina and John Amodeo.  State Sen. James Whelan is opposed to Cooper's nomination, Hurley says.

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Cooper sees a run higher office in her future

Cooper sees a run higher office in her future
Atlantic County Freeholder Alisa Cooper

Atlantic County Freeholder Alisa Cooper sees a run for higher office in her future, but she’s not sure what exactly it will be.

“Certainly down the line. In the future.  I’m not saying definitely 2009, but most definitely I would like to run for higher office. Whether it’s going to be 2009 or 2010 I’m not sure at this point,” said Cooper. 

Cooper just won reelection to the Atlantic County freeholder board, and said she’s still catching her breath from that hard fought campaign.  But she said that she wouldn’t mind following the legacy of her mother, who went from being a freeholder to an Assemblywoman, serving from the 1980s to the early 1990s. 

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Atlantic Democrats hope to regain losses

Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Patrick D’Arcy, who succeeded Ronald Ruff as county chairman in June, seems to have inherited the helm of the party during at a fortunate time.

Democrats, for the first time ever, outnumber Republicans in Atlantic County – and by a lot.

“This is certainly a traditionally Republican area. Everyone can have philosophical differences, but Obama has energized people who have never been involved before. You’re talking about a 20,000 swing in one year. Last year there were 10,000 less Republicans, now there are 10,000 more,” he said. “When you’re looking at it pro-rata, that’s an insane amount.”

D’Arcy sees that number as a sign that Democrats are going to make up for the freeholder seats they lost last year, after which they’ll be able to make gains on top of it to eventually take control of the board.

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Cooper is being represented by William Tambussi of Westmont, Camden County, who is the attorney for the Camden County Democrat organization as well as the personal lawyer for George Norcross, Camden County’s Democrat power broker.

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"Cooper's continued silence is a stunning hypocrisy. She showed no reluctance to fling false accusations at others when it suited her political agenda, but has remained tight-lipped in the face of the actions of her party and her running mate."

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