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AFP Honors District 25 Lawmakers for Stellar Fiscal Voting Records

Bucco, Bucco, and Caroll Presented Awards at Luncheon Event

MOUNTAIN LAKES – Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading free-market, grassroots organization, presented awards today to District 25 Senator Tony Bucco, Assemblyman Anthony Bucco and Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll for their stellar fiscal voting record during the 215th Legislative Session.


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Rible Aims to Protect Police Officers, Others on New Jersey Roadways

Rible Aims to Protect Police Officers, Others on New Jersey Roadways
Car Accidents Involving Police Officers Sparks Call For Increasing
Awareness and Expansion of NJ “Move Over” Law

Assembly Republican Conference Leader Dave Rible said recent car accidents involving police officers illustrates the need to increase awareness of New Jersey’s law requiring motorists to change lanes when approaching emergency vehicles and to expand the law to make our roads safer.

Rible, who sponsored the 2009 law known as the “Move Over” law, cited recent accidents in which a Waldwick police officer was killed and two Pine Beach officers injured in calling for the state Department of Transportation (DOT) to increase awareness of the law which requires motorists to decrease speed and switch lanes when approaching an emergency vehicle with its lights on.

In a letter to Acting DOT Commissioner Joseph Bertoni, Rible, R-Monmouth and Ocean, said the accidents highlighted the risk for those who respond to emergencies on the state’s busy highways.

“These incidents are a frightening reminder of the dangers faced by emergency workers on our state’s roadways,” he wrote. “I request that the New Jersey Department of Transportation help to protect our emergency responders by taking urgent action to increase awareness of the “Move Over” law.

Rible also said he will introduce legislation to expand the “Move Over” law to require drivers to slow down and change lanes for any vehicle on the side of the road--not just vehicles utilizing emergency lights.

“Pulling over on our state’s highways can be a dangerous proposition for any motorist,” he said. “In addition to protecting police officers and other emergency workers, expanding the “Move Over” law will make things safer for everyone who uses our roads.”

See Letter Below:

Hon. Joseph Bertoni, Acting Commissioner
New Jersey Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 600
Trenton, NJ 08625-0600

Dear Acting Commissioner Bertoni:

As the prime sponsor of New Jersey’s “Move Over” law, I am very troubled by recent motor vehicle accidents which have highlighted the danger emergency workers face on our highways and illustrated the need to increase awareness of this critical public safety initiative.

As you are aware, New Jersey’s “Move Over” law, which was enacted in 2009, requires motorists to slow down and change lanes when approaching a vehicle displaying emergency lights. However, the failure of motorists to heed this law has continued to endanger the lives of emergency workers, including police officers.

Moreover, a Waldwick police officer performing traffic safety duty was recently killed when his parked patrol car was rammed by a tractor trailer. In addition, two Pine Beach police officers were injured the next day when their cars were struck while they attended to a pulled over vehicle.

I am sure you would agree that these incidents are a frightening reminder of the dangers faced by emergency workers on our state’s roadways. Therefore, I request that the New Jersey Department of Transportation help to protect our emergency responders by taking urgent action to increase awareness of the “Move Over” law.

Thank you for your attention to this request and please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance in this or any other matter.


David P. Rible
Assemblyman, 30th Legislative District

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NJ Assembly Republicans on Facebook
NJ Assembly Republicans on Twitter

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Scarinci Hollenbeck Partner Appointed to be a Judge of the Superior Court

Lyndhurst, NJ, July 22, 2014 - Scarinci Hollenbeck congratulates Christine M. Vanek, our partner, colleague, and friend, on her appointment as a Judge of the Superior Court of Hudson County.

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Cho: 'Garrett Gridlock' would send women back to the 1950's

Failing to Stand Up for Northern Jersey’s Women;
For Weakening Protections Against Domestic Violence, Against Equal Pay & Health Care

Ridgewood, NJ -- Roy Cho, candidate for Congress in the 5th District, today excoriated the record of Tea Party incumbent Scott Garrett as endangering the safety and economic well-being of Northern New Jersey’s women.

Cho noted Garrett’s extreme record on women’s issues, one in which he has positioned himself squarely against protecting victims of domestic violence, opposing that women receive equal pay for equal work, and blocking access to life-saving mammograms and cancer screenings.

“Scott Garrett may claim to live in the 21st Century, but his record is one that seeks to send women back to the 1950’s,” said Cho. “His extremism would put women’s lives in danger. It would ensure that women continue to be shortchanged in the workplace. It shuts the door to life-saving health care. It’s an abysmal record that, quite frankly, is shameful and dangerous.”

Cho pointed to Garrett’s opposition to last year’s reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act as a recent example of Garrett putting his out-of-the-mainstream ideology before women of the district. Garrett was actually one of only 9 House members to vote against even holding a final vote for the bill, which expanded protections for domestic violence victims and victims of stalking, and ensured grant funding for clearing backlogs of rape investigations.

Garrett has also opposed efforts to enact laws aimed at ensuring women receive equal pay as their male colleagues for equal work, opposing the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which strengthened laws against wage discrimination. According to the American Association of University Women, women in the 5th District make only 73 cents on the dollar versus their male colleagues in equal jobs.

He also voted “no” on numerous bills to strengthen federal workplace discrimination protections.

Garrett also voted to defund programs that protect a woman's access to mammograms and other preventative and life-saving cancer screenings.

Cho said that not only would he have voted in the interests of Northern New Jersey’s women in each case, he also would vote to make permanent the federal child care tax credit, to ensure women are able to afford high-quality child care while they further their careers.

“Northern New Jersey’s women need a champion who will vote to promote their interests and protect them and their families,” said Cho. “Scott Garrett’s extremist Tea Party voting record has failed them miserably. Our women and families deserve a voice that will move them forward, not more Garrett Gridlock that turns the clock back.”

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Senator Pou’s ‘Let Them Be Little Act’ On Governor’s Desk

Inspired by Testimony of Elmwood Park Couple, Measure Would Provide for Screening Newborn Infants for Hunter Syndrome

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Cho: 'Garrett Gridlock' endangering economic recovery with ideological opposition to Export-Import Bank renewal


Ridgewood, NJ -- Roy Cho, candidate for Congress in the 5th District, today called for swift reauthorization of the job-protecting Export-Import Bank of the United States, criticizing Tea Party incumbent Scott Garrett’s opposition to the institution that has helped American manufacturers reach new markets and expand their businesses.

“The Export-Import Bank has been vital to helping American companies expand our economy and create manufacturing jobs, at no cost to taxpayers,” said Cho, who comes from the private sector. “It makes zero sense that Scott Garrett would rather leave American manufacturers without this essential partner for their success. We simply cannot allow Garrett Gridlock to jeopardize American jobs.”

Created in 1934, the Export-Import Bank of the United States works with companies to guarantee financing and provide insurance for American exports. According to Bank data, since 2007 the Ex-Im Bank has helped 219 New Jersey-based companies finance exports totaling $4 billion. Nationally, in the 2013 fiscal year, the bank helped finance $37 billion in exports representing more than 3,800 companies and approximately 205,000 American jobs. According to the Bank, 85 percent of its financing directly supports small business.

The Ex-Im Bank also creates tangible benefits for American taxpayers. Over the past five years, the Bank has generated more than $2 billion in profits, in addition to being totally self-sufficient and operating at no cost to the government.

Absent Congressional action, the Export-Import Bank's charter will expire on September 30.

Cho said that failure to reauthorize the Bank would put American manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage, as 60 other countries backstop their producers with a similar institution. He noted the strong support it has from the United States Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the Small Business Exporters Association.

“American companies rely on the Export-Import Bank to instill the confidence they need to ship their products overseas,” said Cho. “At a time when innovative American companies are reigniting our manufacturing sector, Scott Garrett’s opposition flies in the face of common sense, economic sense, and good business.”

Cho said this is not the first time Garrett has opposed helping American manufacturers and workers. The bank’s charter was last reauthorized in 2012 by a House vote of 330-93; Garrett voted “no,” then, too.
# # #

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TRENTON – Senate President Steve Sweeney today held a press conference to discuss the administrations recent release of integrity monitor reports dealing with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. The reports lacked detail and were not what the Senate President had in mind when he introduced this legislation in the winter of 2013.

“My intention when I sponsored this legislation was to have these reports done as quickly as possible so that we could both prevent problems and find ways to correct them,” said Sweeney.  “Unfortunately, these are months overdue and they are underwhelming to say the least. I was hoping for more detail, especially regarding what was just recently determined to be the second most expensive storm in the last half century. I am certainly disappointed in what was provided to us.  It does not resemble what my intention was when I proposed this legislation.”

Senate President Sweeney first introduced legislation calling for integrity monitors in February, 2013. The bill was signed into law the following month. The first integrity monitors, however, were not put in place until January, 2014, nearly one year after the governor signed the bill. The first reports were not delivered to the Legislature until last week, 21 months after Sandy hit.

The reports did not include any information with regard to the Cohn Reznik contract, the group hired by the Department of Community Affairs to serve as the Integrity Oversight Monitor.  The report talks about the Belmar Boardwalk, despite the fact that the boardwalk was completed almost a year before the monitors were put into place. In other instances, more detailed information was withheld under the claim that it was not public information.

"The reports all need to be released now - every one of them," Fair Share Housing Center Staff Attorney Adam Gordon said. "How can anyone claim these reports are really providing the intended transparency on New Jersey's Sandy recovery when, after spending over $5 million on them, the Christie Administration refuses to release them?"

“This is simply a continuation of this administration’s failure on Sandy recovery,” added Sweeney.  “And, just like with the ‘Sandy Bill of Rights,’ the people who get hurt in the end are the taxpayers and the victims of the storm.  I certainly expected better than this.”

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Muñoz Statement on Passing of Union County Sheriff Froehlich

Muñoz Statement on Passing of Union County Sheriff Froehlich

Trenton, NJ – Assembly Deputy Republican Leader Nancy F. Muñoz, R-Union, expressed her sympathies on the passing of Union County Sheriff Ralph Froehlich, who passed away Sunday night:

“I am saddened to learn of the passing of Sheriff Ralph Froehlich, who spent over 50 years dedicated to protecting the people of Union County. His commitment to public service is greatly appreciated and he will be truly missed. I offer my condolences to his family."

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John Currie, Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, issued the following statement regarding the passing of Union County Sheriff Ralph Froehlich, the longest-serving County Sheriff in New Jersey history

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TRENTON – Senate President Steve Sweeney issued the following statement today on the passing of Union County Sheriff Ralph Froehlich:

“Sheriff Froehlich had a long and distinguished career as a public servant and was a true giant in Union County.  His decades of service, both as sheriff, a police officer and as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, are a testament to the dedication and commitment he had to his community and his country.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends.”

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Pallone Statement on Obama Administration’s Decision to Finalize Current Review of Seismic Testing off Atlantic Coast

Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06) issued the following statement in response to the Record of Decision issued today by the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).  BOEM’s decision will allow for further environmental review of geological and geophysical (G&G) survey activities off the Mid- and South Atlantic coast and may lead to permits for seismic surveying in the Atlantic being issued.

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Dancer’s Bipartisan Bill to Prevent Wildfires and Protect NJ’s Forest Ecosystems Gets Assembly Approval

Dancer’s Bipartisan Bill to Prevent Wildfires and Protect NJ’s Forest Ecosystems Gets Assembly Approval

(Trenton, NJ) - Assemblyman Ron Dancer is helping to make New Jersey’s forest ecosystems healthier and safer by sponsoring bipartisan legislation that allows the burning of forest and open lands to protect from wildfires. The bill, A-1275, recently received General Assembly approval.

“In recent years, wildfires in the Pinelands have burned thousands of acres and forced thousands of people to be evacuated. We can avoid catastrophes and promote a healthier forest environment by expanding the use of safe and controlled burns,” said Dancer, R-Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington and Middlesex. “These burns also have a number of secondary ecological benefits, including wildlife habitat management, forest disease and pest control and nutrient management.”

Dancer’s bill establishes a certification program for prescribed burn managers and procedures for conducting prescribed burns. It also permits the Bureau of Forest Fire Management (BFFM), within the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), to prescribe burns in any area of the state BFFM determines to be in reasonable danger of wildfire. On lands not owned by the state, the service is required to notify local government of the prescribed burn, publish public notice of the burn, and provide notice to the landowner and lessee 30 days before the burn.

Due to New Jersey’s restrictive approach, it lags behind many other states in the use of prescribed burns. The states of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas and Pennsylvania have enacted prescribed burn legislation.

Other bill sponsors include Assembly Democrats Herb Conaway, Marlene Caride and Celeste Riley.

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NJ Assembly Republicans on Twitter

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Pallone Announces Additional $3.3 Million to Finalize Sayreville Buyouts and Demolitions

WASHINGTON, DC —Today, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06) announced that the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) will receive an additional $3,303,332 to complete buyouts and demolition of 196 flood prone properties in Sayreville.  This latest grant is awarded through the Federal Emergency Management Agency Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, and was made possible through the Sandy Aid package Congressman Pallone fought for in Congress.

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Pallone Statement on Department of the Interior’s Proposal for Offshore Wind Energy Development in New Jersey

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congressman Frank Pallone issued the following statement today in response to the Department of the Interior’s announcement of the proposed lease sale for nearly 344,000 acres off of the New Jersey coast for commercial wind energy development. Pallone, a long-time proponent of wind energy, keynoted the Energy Ocean conference in Atlantic City this past June:

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Lance Recognized For Fighting to Protect Medicare Advantage

Lance Recognized For Fighting to Protect Medicare Advantage


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Bramnick Supports Mayor Fulop’s Decision to Take Down Memorial to Cop Killer

Bramnick Supports Mayor Fulop’s Decision to Take Down Memorial to Cop Killer

Trenton, NJ - Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick, R-Union, Morris and Somerset, issued the following statement regarding Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop’s decision to take down the memorial to the person who killed Officer Melvin Santiago which was criticized in a Star Ledger editorial today: 

“Despite the Star Ledger’s criticism of Mayor Fulop’s decision to remove a memorial to the Jersey City cop killer, there comes a time that we as a society must respond to actions that violate the basic principles of a civilized society. Mayor Fulop acted as a leader. End of story.”

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Cho: Garrett vote on minimum wage further proof he's out of touch with his constituents

Ridgewood, NJ -- Roy Cho, candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th District, today pointed to Tea Party incumbent Scott Garrett’s latest vote in opposition to providing working Americans with a higher minimum wage as further proof that he is out of touch with his constituents.

Cho, a moderate, said he would have supported an amendment offered in the House today to raise the minimum wage for federal employees, and further supports raising the wage for all Americans. Unsurprisingly, Scott Garrett voted “no.”

Cho noted that Garrett also opposed raising the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 in 2007.

“The more Scott Garrett votes, the further and further away he drifts from the mainstream of Northern New Jersey,” said Cho. “Raising the wage will help our recovery, as workers will pump those new wages right back into the economy. Providing working families with enough to be able to put food on their tables, gas in their cars, or buy clothes for their kids should not be too much to ask. In Scott Garrett’s mind, people earning just $7.25 already make too much.”

Cho noted that increasing the minimum wage would also provide critical assistance to both families and taxpayers by allowing working families to reduce their reliance on government assistance programs, such as Medicaid and Food Stamps, to make ends meet.

“Scott Garrett either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that people working full-time minimum wage jobs are living below the poverty line,” said Cho. “Raising the minimum wage is the moral thing to do to help families raise themselves out of poverty. It’s unacceptable that Scott Garrett isn’t willing to cast that vote.”

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Lance: In good deal, Iran won’t get the bomb, The Hill, July 16

Lance: In good deal, Iran won’t get the bomb, The Hill, July 16

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Cho blasts Garrett for 'irresponsible and ideological’ vote against federal highway funding

Ridgewood, NJ -- Roy Cho, candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th District, today criticized Tea Party incumbent Scott Garrett’s latest vote against the needs of Northern New Jersey.
In the House today, Garrett opposed a bipartisan bill to extend federal highway funding through May 2015. The measure, which passed overwhelmingly 367-55, has the support of both the House Republican leadership and the administration.

Cho noted that across the 5th District, there are 65 bridges that have been deemed “Structurally Deficient,” and which handle a total of more than 1 million daily car crossings. Fifty of those spans are at least 70 years old.

Cho released the following statement:

“Scott Garrett has again put his own Tea Party politics before the broader needs of Northern New Jersey with yet another irresponsible and ideological vote that flies in the face of common sense and reality.

“Our roads and bridges are crumbling. Our mass transit systems are in desperate need of repair and upgrade. Any commuter, whether they live in Bergen or Sussex county, knows this because they see it every single day. This funding is necessary to ensuring our transportation network doesn’t literally fall to pieces and drag our economy down with it. It will create jobs we badly need. Without investment in our infrastructure, our future is bleak.

“Scott Garrett’s vote is just another example of his unwillingness to act in the interests of the people he purportedly represents. Whether it’s his initial opposition to Sandy Aid or today’s vote against highway funds, his record is one that hurts our region.

“I will go to Congress and stand up for the needs of Northern New Jersey’s commuters and residents. We have been sending too many of our tax dollars to Washington and, thanks to Scott Garrett, getting too little in return. I am committed to changing that.”

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Lance Votes To Keep Internet Access Tax-Free

Lance Votes To Keep Internet Access Tax-Free


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Wake-Up Call

Morning Digest: July 24th

  Of friends, enemies, transactions and transportation: the evolving political relationship of Bob Menendez and Steve Fulop The image yesterday in Washington D.C. of powerful U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) walking the hallways with Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop sent a signal of Menendez’s willingness to get behind...


Legislation needed to restore balance in election financing

By JEFF BRINDLE Much has been written about the magnitude of campaign spending by independent special interest groups.  But until now, there has been little discussion about the impact. During the 2012 Presidential and Congressional contests,... Read More >


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quote of the day

"Gov. Chris Christie says he won’t campaign for the Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York because the cause is hopeless: Gov. Andrew Cuomo is ahead by more than 30 points. But he will campaign in New Hampshire, over and over, where the Republican is also trailing by more than 30 points. What’s the reason? It may be that New Hampshire holds the nation’s first presidential primary. It may be that he doesn’t want to mess with Cuomo, who knows where the skeletons are buried at the Port Authority. But one thing is certain: Gov. Straight Talk is spinning again. And it seems to be habit-forming." - columnist Tom Moran

- Star-Ledger


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