Democrats rip the GOP over Bush fundraiser

Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D-Fanwood) and Josh Zeitz in Trenton this afternoon.: Politicker photoAssemblywoman Linda Stender (D-Fanwood) and Josh Zeitz in Trenton this afternoon.: Politicker photo 

TRENTON - Wall Street is melting down while President George W. Bush fundraises in Colts Neck for candidates who will continue his failed policies, argued Democrats at a Statehouse press conference this afternoon.

State Democratic Chairman Joseph Cryan stood with congressional candidates, Assemblywoman Linda Stender (D-Fanwood) and professor Joshua Zeitz of Bordentown. They all whiplashed Republicans for allowing Bush to come and raise money in a state where the latest Strategic Vision poll shows the president with a 20 percent job approval rating.

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Politically connected engineer admits bribing disgraced Ocean Township officials

Howard Schoor, who founded one of New Jersey’s most politically powerful engineering firms, pleaded guilty today in federal court to bribing two former Ocean Township officials in exchange for contracts. 

Schoor admitted paying $15,000 to former Mayor Terrence Weldon and former Township of Ocean Sewerage Authority (TOSA)chairman Stephen Kessler, who in exchange delivered contracts to Schoor’s company, Schoor DePalma.

Kessler pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from a then-unnamed representative of an engineering firm back in 2005, for which he and Weldon – who at the time of the payments both sat on the TOSA’s board – rewarded the firm with contracts relating to a sewer-line project and the renovation of the authority’s sewerage treatment plant.

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In Passaic, Blanco and Sandoval go head-to-head, and also fight the rest of the field

School Board member Dr. Alex Blanco: Politicker photoSchool Board member Dr. Alex Blanco: Politicker photo 

PASSAIC - Just over a week ago he was somewhere in the middle of a crowded pack, barely distinguishable among the other contestants running for mayor. But from the standpoint of the Latino vote, which constitutes a little over 50 percent of the Passaic electorate, Councilman Joe Garcia’s the man right now.

At first it looked as though there were going to be three Puerto Rican candidates in the race: Ritzy Morales, Maritza Colon-Montanez and Garcia.

Then Morales dropped out on filing day, and two days later, Colon-Montanez aborted her own campaign and threw her support to Garcia.

That hit hard two men in the rest of the five-man field: Jose Sandoval and Alex Blanco.

The Dominican candidates won’t admit that the sudden moves by the Puerto Ricans produced any impact on the contest. Ask them about Morales and Colon-Montanez and they smile and shrug. No big deal. They weren’t going to do much anyway.

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Thanks for the bailout, comrade!

Thanks for the bailout, comrade!

To view more cartoons by editorial cartoonist Rob Tornoe, click here.

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Still not feeling surge in Jersey polls, Obama backers revel in moment, pledge to work

Still not feeling surge in Jersey polls, Obama backers revel in moment, pledge to work

State Democratic Party Chairman Joseph Cryan address the crowd at Obama HQ on Saturday.: Politicker photoState Democratic Party Chairman Joseph Cryan address the crowd at Obama HQ on Saturday.: Politicker photo

WEST WINDSOR - The sense here on Saturday is the presidential race is no longer deadlocked nationally.

At this moment.

So when State Democratic Chairman Joseph Cryan asks the crowd of 260 Obama canvassers to demonstrate an upbeat mood, they respond with full-throated gusto in the packed headquarters of Obama’s campaign headquarters.

No one committed to a candidate in this cycle lets pass an opportunity to celebrate the good fortune of his or her presidential aspirant, be he Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) or Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

To hear the media tell the story, the fortunes appear too transient.

If this event occurred a week ago, the mood would have been borderline gloomy. But today Washington is mulling a $700 billion bail-out package for a flat-lining Wall Street and Sen. John McCain - longtime champion of deregulation in the private sector - also lugs a five-day old burden of suggesting that America’s economy is fundamentally sound.

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Christie to remain U.S. Attorney...for now

Christie to remain U.S. Attorney...for now

To view more cartoons by editorial cartoonist Rob Tornoe, click here.

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Corzine: If Lance was so independent, he would have switched parties

Governor Corzine today said that, if state Sen. Leonard Lance really is so different from President Bush, he hasn’t demonstrated it enough.

“I think there are a lot of things that Leonard Lance would agree with President Bush on. I don’t think he is turning his back on the national security policies. I think, if I hear it right, he has generally been on the same side as the president with regard to regulatory policy – that would be no regulation or limited regulation,” said Corzine at a bill signing in Princeton. “There are differences, but if there were such sharp differences I think he would have changed parties. I haven’t seen that happen.”

Corzine’s comments come just days before President Bush comes to Colts Neck to raise money for Lance, who as of June 30th only had $81,000 on hand to Democrat Linda Stender’s $1.2 million, along with fellow Republican candidate Chris Myers.

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The Back Room

U.S. Attorney Fishman on Bridgegate investigation: probe has to be "done right"

NEWARK - U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman laughed and exclaimed "So close!" when asked by a member of the press about the ongoing federal investigation into the September 2013 George Washington Bridge access lane closure incident, a.k.a. the Bridgegate scandal, at a Tuesday press conference in downtown Newark. Then Fishman soberly addressed the progress his office has made. 

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Wake-Up Call

Morning Digest: July 23rd

Between RGA gigs, Christie doesn't skip a beat bashing Trenton Dems at seaside LGI town hall LONG BEACH ISLAND – Gov. Chris Christie squeezed LBI between trips to IowaNew HampshireConnecticut and – tomorrow – Colorado – just long enough to puncture his favorite Trenton-based targets in front of a...

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“We lived up to our end of the bargain. He didn’t live up to his end of the deal.” - Ed Connolly, president of the New Jersey Firemen’s Benevolent Association.

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