Schaer proves crucial in Blanco win

Schaer proves crucial in Blanco win
Schaer campaigns for Blanco on Election Day

PASSAIC – Yesterday’s mayoral victory by physician Alex Blanco in a 62 percent turnout election depended heavily on the endorsement of Acting Mayor/Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-Passaic).

The city is split in half, with the 3rd and 2nd wards on the south side of town and 4th and 1st wards to the north.

In the heart of Schaer’s Orthodox Jewish community, Ward 3 totals show that Blanco earned 1,965 of his 3,859 total votes, according to the Passaic City Clerk’s Office.

That’s where nearly a third of the city’s total 25,543 registered voters are concentrated.

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Corruption issue proves toothless in Bergen

With two prominent Democratic leaders indicted, a subpoena dropped on the clerk of the Democratic controlled freeholder board shortly before the election, and running against three incumbents who all had been voted out of municipal offices in their hometowns over the last couple years, Bergen County Republicans still could not pick up a single freeholder seat.

“Those guys did an outstanding job, to be honest. We were in this thing right until the end. So from that perspective, I thought it was a huge improvement – especially over four years ago,” said Republican consultant Thom Ammirato, who ran the campaign.

It’s not as if the Republicans had everything working for them. Ammirato argued that, despite the corruption issue, Democrats had a myriad of advantages, most of all having Barack Obama at the top of the ticket, not to mention the power of incumbency. Presidential years in Bergen County are generally the strongest ones for Democrats. It’s the off years that Republicans tend to come closer.

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'All politics is local'

'All politics is local'
Sen. Ronald Rice (D-Essex)

The unlikely political tag team of state Sen. Ronald L. Rice (D-Essex) and North Ward Democratic leader Steve Adubato that felled Mayor Cory Booker’s candidate in the Central Ward on Tuesday called for Obama-spirit healing in the city in the aftermath.

“I respect him as the mayor,” Adubato said of Booker. “I predict things are going to get better. Let’s face it; this Obama victory yesterday means anything is possible. We have a lot of hope about America.

“I take that win by Obama in a country where 15 percent of America is black, and say if he can be president, why can’t we all work together? “

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Magazzu basks in big win, will step down as county chairman

Cumberland County Democratic Chairman and Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu said that he’s flattered that local Republicans made him an issue in their campaign, even though he wasn’t on the ballot.

Democrats not only took complete control of the freeholder board, but took over the county surrogate’s office and knocked off an incumbent Republican sheriff.  Altogether, they went five for five.  Now, the only county-wide Republican elected official left is County Clerk Gloria Noto.

“I was delighted that the Republicans decided to make me the issue.  When you make somebody the issue, it either becomes a repudiation or a vindication. They made that bet and they bet wrong,” said Magazzu.  “But it certainly wasn’t just me. In fact, I was the least part of the equation.  What we had was good organization, good fundraising, one consistent message, great candidates and unbelievable support from labor.”

Feeling comfortable about his party’s domination of the county, Magazzu said he’s ready to step down as county chairman to devote more time to his job as Freeholder Director.  He’s starting to look for a replacement today.

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Karrow 'seriously thinking' about state Senate run

Assemblywoman Marcia Karrow (R-Flemington) said today that she is thinking about running for state Sen. Leonard Lance's (R-Flemington) seat, but she doesn’t want to make any announcements just yet.

“I am seriously thinking about it. However, I have to say that my friend Leonard Lance just spent a year of his life running for this seat in Congress, and he really deserves a week to revel in the victory, and I don’t want to diminish any of the press. This is his week,” she said. “I think he just wants to enjoy the limelight and steal his thunder, and I will not be part of stealing his thunder.”

Asked whether that comment was a jab at her district-mate, Assemblyman Mike Doherty (R-Washington), who earlier today told that he planned to run for the seat, Karrow said “I didn’t say that.”

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News of Adler's win is slow to make it to some supporters

The phones are ringing off the hook at State Sen. John Adler’s congressional campaign headquarters this morning, with callers offering consoling words to staffers, only to be told that no, actually, Adler won.

While the results are in, some of the political tickers haven’t updated, and still show Medford Mayor Chris Myers with a narrow lead over Adler. While the Courier-Post’s Web site called the race for Adler, it still shows Myers with a 2,000 vote lead.

Adler’s new media consultant, Jay Lassiter, has been fielding many of the calls.

"I am glad that I didn't party too hard last night since the phones have been ringing all morning with folks who needed a talking down,” he said.

Adler (D-Cherry Hill) won the district last night by performing particularly well in Burlington County and Cherry Hill, while keeping Republican Chris Myers’ margin of victory to under 12 percent in Ocean County.

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Doherty seeks Lance's state Senate seat

Now that State Sen. Leonard Lance (R-Flemington) is headed to Congress, his district-mate, Assemblyman Mike Doherty (R-Washington Township) plans to seek his seat.

Doherty is filing his paperwork with the Election Law Enforcement Commission today.

“I am announcing today that I am running for the state Senate seat, and I’m going to be spending today getting out my announcements and contacting the chairmen of the two counties, other elected officials and others involved in political circles,” Doherty told this morning.

Doherty’s heavily Republican district spans mostly rural Hunterdon and Warren Counties. The two Republican county committees must meet within 35 days of Lance's resignation to choose a replacement. Since there are more than two years remaining in Lance’s term, whoever the committees select to fill the seat will have to win a primary contest in June of next year and a special general election in November.

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The Back Room

Dems stumble over one another on guv trail as newly mic'd up Murphy joins the fray

Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) regaled the crowd tonight gathered for a Middlesex County Democratic Committee fundraiser organized by Chairman Kevin McCabe.

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Morning Digest: September 19th

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