Is this the kickoff of Donovan for Lt. Governor?

With state agencies ready to cut back and homeowners potentially not getting rebate checks next year, Bergen County Clerk Kathe Donovan thinks it’s about time the state forces its two professional football teams to make some sacrifices.

But does she also think it’s about time to kick off a statewide campaign?

Donovan sent a letter to Gov. Jon Corzine asking him to consider forcing the New York Giants and Jets, who both play in Bergen County and receive millions in economic incentives from the state, to share part of their $800 million in windfall profits from the sale of Personal Seat Licenses.

“’Everything on the table’ means that Trenton’s commitment to return homestead rebates to hard pressed property tax payers may be broken. Aid for schools in suburban, rural and urban districts may be cut and state colleges will be forced to raise tuition costs to make up for reduced state aid,” wrote Donovan. “Hospitals here in Bergen County and elsewhere that rely on Medicaid and Charity Care payments will almost certainly see a significant reduction in state aid which could force a cutback in services. And this comes at a time when workers are being forced to switch from high paying to lower paying jobs without health care benefits which will add significantly to the Charity Care burden borne by hospitals at a time when Charity Care payments could be reduced.”

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O'Toole and Pennacchio endorse Doherty

Two state senators today endorsed Assemblyman Mike Doherty (R-Washington) to replace outgoing State Sen. Leonard Lance (R-Flemington).

The moderate state Sen. Kevin O’Toole (R-Cedar Grove) said that Doherty “has worked diligently both in his district and across the state to represent the principles and values of the Republican Party.”

State Sen. Joe Pennacchio (R-Montville), a conservative, called Doherty a “gallant fighter for conservative principles.”  Pennacchio received Doherty’s endorsement for his own U.S. Senate campaign earlier this year after Doherty decided not to run.

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Franklin mayor considers bid for governor

Franklin mayor considers bid for governor
Franklin Township Mayor Brian D. Levine, who has won twice in a heavily Democratic town, is thinking about seeking the 2009 GOP gubernatorial nomination

Franklin Township Mayor Brian D. Levine today confirmed that he is mulling a run for governor.

“I have been contemplating such a thing,” he told “Of course, you need money and organization, but I’ve had some successes here in Franklin and my background is in finance. I think that’s what we’re needing now.”

Currently serving his second term in this Somerset County town of 60,000 residents, Levine became mayor in a 2003 upset election. A Republican in a town where registered Democrats have the numbers, he put an exclamation point on his local victory when he won re-election in 2007.

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DeAngelo gets ready for a challenge

Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D-Hamilton) knows that Republicans have him in their sights for next year, but says that this time is different: he’s a known commodity.

“Being in District 14 and in Hamilton Township where politics is very much independent minded individuals, I expect all races to be close,” he said. 

Close, but not like last year, when DeAngelo edged out Republican Tom Goodwin by about 700 votes, while his entrenched running mate, Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro), ran 3,000 votes ahead of him. 

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Roberts won't say whether or not he's running again in politically busted-up Hoboken

Roberts won't say whether or not he's running again in politically busted-up Hoboken
Mayor David Roberts

HOBOKEN – Talk to the street players and they tell you Mayor David Roberts will run again next year, but talk to the man and he won’t reveal his intentions in what looms as a big battle, within a crucible of financial unrest.

“I have not been entertaining conversations about the upcoming mayor’s race,” Roberts told “I’ve got other issues: the movie theater, the clock tower.”

But he concedes those are props in this unfolding drama, where the massive issue remains the fact that a state monitor assumed responsibility for the city’s finances. Taxes in Hoboken have ballooned in a government effort to collect $12 million in reserve accounts or to make up for money that otherwise couldn’t be accounted for in city coffers.

Roberts acknowledges the issue with pain in his voice.

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Glading mulls Assembly bid

Glading mulls Assembly bid
Rev. Dale Glading, with his wife and son, is mulling a challenge to Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts in 2009

Dale Glading insists he’s not a glutton for punishment. But after getting crushed by Rob Andrews in ultra-Democratic 1st Congressional District last week, he’s thinking about making another run for office in a similarly Democratic district.

Glading, who runs a prison ministry and lives in Barrington, said that he may run against Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts (D-Camden) and incumbent Assemblywoman Nilsa Cruz-Perez (D-Camden) in the 5th Legislative District.

“I would never say never. I told my wife going in, or she told me rather, that it was one and done. But she’s expressed some interest in it,” said Glading. “At this point it’s up to God and my wife in that order.”

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Capuana ops stay up and running in advance of next year's contest

Capuana ops stay up and running in advance of next year's contest
Gearing up at Capuana HQ.

PASSAIC - It stands right across from City Hall, and although he came up 400 votes short in last week's mayoral election, sources close to Vinny Capuana say his headquarters isn't going anywhere.

It will remain open and active.

There is a mayor's race next year, after all.

As mayor, Capuana's conqueror, Alex Blanco, will enjoy the advantage of incumbency in next year's mayoral contest for a full, four-year term.

But both Blanco and Capuana are trying to secure the backing of those other contestants in last week's race to fill the unexpired term of Sammy Rivera: real estate developer Jose Sandoval, City Councilman Joe Garcia, and bail bondsman Carl Ellen. 

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McSorley doubts he'll seek an assembly seat

McSorley doubts he'll seek an assembly seat
Former Mercer County sheriff candidate Jim McSorley

Former State Police Captain Jim McSorley said today that he’s been asked whether he’s interested in running for a District 14 assembly seat, but that he’s very unlikely to do it. 

“My DNA is in law enforcement.  There have been a few people that have approached me to do it, but I doubt it very much to tell you the truth,” he said. 

McSorley just wrapped up an unsuccessful run for Mercer County Sheriff.  Although he ran an active and spirited campaign, he was crushed by incumbent Kevin Larkin, 63% to 37%. 

“I’d be pretty pompous, after having just lost an election only nine days ago, to think along those lines,” he said. 

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The Back Room

Sources: Why Fox?

With the support of Gov. Chris Christie, Jamie Fox is on the fast track to get back to the Department of Transportation (DOT). The question is why?

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Wake-Up Call

Morning Digest: September 19th

NBC News: Federal charges ruled out for Christie in Bridgegate scandal NBC News tonight is reporting that federal investigators say after nine months of investigating Bridgegate there is 'no evidence" that Gov. Chris Christie had advance knowledge about any politically motivated scheme around the bridge lane closures at the...

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