Booker charges into Denver

Newark Mayor Cory Booker at the Denver Art Museum on Sunday afternoon.: Politicker photoNewark Mayor Cory Booker at the Denver Art Museum on Sunday afternoon.: Politicker photo

DENVER - Newark Mayor Cory Booker strode up the walkway outside the Bilbao-fangled Denver Art Museum with the state capitol agleam over his shoulder, and the Rocky Mountains behind that rising over the old cross-section of Broadway and Colfax avenues.

"Love Denver," he said on his second day in the city. "Been here many times."

"That’s Cory Booker, mayor of Newark," cried a Denverite, who later said he was originally from Paterson. "Great mayor! Up and comer!"

Moments later, Booker was at a microphone, speaking to a gaggle of press in advance of a forum on education sponsored by the national reform group, Ed Challenge for Change.

"I am honored to stand with a chorus whose voices are lifted in a song of freedom, justice and change," cried Booker, as an urban group of mayors and educators including D.C. Mayor (and Booker ally) Adrian Fenty, New York Schools Superintendent Joel Klein, the Rev. Al Sharpton, and others clapped and cheered.

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Corzine rejoices in Biden pick

Corzine rejoices in Biden pick

Gov. Jon Corzine: Politicker file photoGov. Jon Corzine: Politicker file photo

Governor Jon S. Corzine today released a statement on the selection of Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) as Barack Obama's running mate.

"Joe Biden is the best choice for the nation and Barack Obama," said Corzine in his statement. "His foreign policy expertise is unequaled. He is authentic and direct, a man of deep integrity. He has dedicated himself to public service and has been guided by values that are deeply rooted in the American middle class. He has spent decades working in Washington without ever living there. Joe Biden will be a great partner in Barack Obama's efforts to bring about change in America."

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Republicans denounce Obama's 'historic' veep selection

McCain State Chair Sen. Bill Baroni (R-Mercer): Politicker file photoMcCain State Chair Sen. Bill Baroni (R-Mercer): Politicker file photo

DENVER - New Jersey Republicans jeered Barack Obama’s choice for vice president in a Saturday afternoon conference call today, with state Sen. Bill Baroni (R-Mercer) describing as "historic," presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Il.) decision to name Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) as his running mate.

"Yesterday, Sen. Obama picked someone who does not believe his own running mate is ready to be president of the United States," said Baroni, chair of the McCain campaign in New Jersey.

Citing a Democratic Primary debate exchange between ABC moderator George Stephanopoulos and then-presidential candidate Biden in which the latter said he does not believe the presidency is the proper venue for on-the-job training, Baroni focused on the freshman Senator Obama’s lack of experience.

"That’s not me saying it, it’s Joe Biden," said Baroni, echoing a McCain television ad that is now up and running in South Jersey.

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Magazzu: 'It is like having somebody from South Jersey running for Vice President'

Cumberland County Democratic Chairman and Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu said that Barack Obama’s choice of Joe Biden as his running mate will add five or six points to Obama’s vote in South Jersey.

Cumberland sits just across the Delaware River from Biden’s home state of Delaware.

“I think it’s an amazing day,” said Magazzu, who’s in Chicago on business and for a moment considered making the three-and-a-half hour drive to Springfield to watch Obama and Biden this afternoon.

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Wilson hits Democratic presidential ticket on taxes

Republican State Chairman Tom Wilson said that an Obama/Biden ticket will seek to raise taxes, which will be “about as popular Corzine’s toll hike plan.”

Below is Wilson’s full statement.

“With his selection of Joe Biden, Senator Obama has made crystal clear his commitment to raising taxes. The Obama-Biden ticket has a long history of voting for and advocating tax increases on those making as little as $42,000 a year. New Jerseyans already pay more in state and local taxes than anyone else in the nation. Senators Obama and Biden want to make sure that we also pay more in federal taxes too. That idea will be about as popular as Corzine's toll hike plan and makes John McCain's no tax increase platform all that more attractive. This sets up a major contrast that we will drive home from now until Election Day: if voters want a President who will raise their taxes, vote for Obama. If you want a President who won't, support McCain.

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Stempler says Biden pros outweigh geographic cons

Attorney Larry Stempler, who helped run Joe Biden’s small New Jersey campaign operation, didn’t originally have plans to go to Denver. But now, with the news Biden is Barack Obama’s vice presidential pick, he’s scrambling to see if he can arrange a flight to get there by Wednesday.

“As of this moment I was not planning to go, but my plans may have changed,” he said.

Stempler said that Biden’s legislative experience and appeal to various groups of voters who may have reservations about Obama outweighs and geographical downsides to picking a running mate from a small state on the eastern seaboard that already tends to vote Democratic.

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Biden supporter thrilled that Obama picked 'New Jersey's third Senator'

New Jersey superdelegate June Fisher said that she’s “in ecstasy” over Barack Obama’s pick of Joe Biden as Vice President.

Fisher was one of three New Jerseyans who headed up Biden’s small presidential campaign in this state. She’s known him since 1974, when he came to speak at a convention in Atlantic City.

“It’s incredibly positive for New Jersey. There are people in some parts of New Jersey who think of him as our third Senator,” said Fisher, who’s been walking around the lobby of the Inverness Hotel in Denver and hugging everyone she knows.

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Obama camp: Biden has specific Jersey appeal

DENVER - Joe Biden’s blue collar roots, support from police and firefighters, his regular guy commute to and from his job in Washington, and his foreign policy credentials all contribute to helping Barack Obama’s presidential campaign effort in New Jersey, according to spokesman Andrew Poag.

"He has a real connection to middle class voters," said Poag of the Delaware senator and presumptive vice presidential candidate, with whom Obama will stand today in Springfield, Illinois.

"He’s never lived in Washington, and he’s almost like a third senator in New Jersey," said Poag, who received a text message at 3 a.m. Saturday confirming Biden as Obama’s veep pick.

In a conversation with earlier this summer, Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts (D-Camden), noted Biden’s special connection to South Jersey, where his wife, Jill, has roots.

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The Back Room

National progressive group backs Watson Coleman in CD12

The Progressive Democrats of America Co-Founder and National Director Tim Carpenter and State Chair Mary Ellen Marino today endorsed Bonnie Watson Coleman for the Democratic nomination in the 12thCongressional District.

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Wake-Up Call

Morning Digest: April 24, 2014

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Quote of the Day

Quote of the day

"This is the only Tea Party group that endorsed Mitt Romney. These guys are the Vichy French of the Tea Party movement. They're the guys who say 'Viva la France,' and then you can't find them when the fighting starts. Come on." - GOP strategist Rick Shaftan, on the Independence Hall Tea Party group.



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