Pennacchio: GOP had no direction in '08 campaign

Pennacchio: GOP had no direction in '08 campaign

State Sen. Joseph Pennacchio (R-Montville) says that Republicans find themselves with "no message, no money and no direction" going into the 2009 gubernatorial election.

After reading newspaper accounts of New Jersey Republican leaders downplaying the seriousness of John McCain’s loss in New Jersey, the loss of a Congressional seat and the loss of Senate candidate Dick Zimmer to “an octogenarian who barely put up a fight,” Pennacchio says he had to take exception with a public statement.

“If our party publicly expressed satisfaction with New Jersey and National Republican results in Tuesday’s election, all they were doing was  reinforcing rank and file Republican cynicism for our party’s leadership,” he said.  “Once again Republicans find themselves with no message, no money and no direction going into next year’s gubernatorial election.  To say our Republicans 'Ship of State' was run aground by our captain, would imply that it had a direction.  That simply was not so.”

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Lucianin and LaBoy still contesting council seat

PASSAIC – Results of the City Council election remain stalled here as rivals, Vice Principal Angel LaBoy, and former School Board member, Kenneth Lucianin, hang in the balance.

Right now, Lucianin leads LaBoy by 102 votes, with provisional ballots yet to be officially inventoried and forwarded to the Board of Elections office. In the City Clerk’s unofficial tally, Lucianin received 2,895 votes to 2,793 for LaBoy.

At stake in this election?

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Deputy AG on the ground in Monmouth as workers resume inventory

FREEHOLD - A Deputy Attorney General is in the Monmouth County Clerk's Office observing as Superintendent of Elections workers at 5 p.m. again began tallying provisional ballots.

Democratic Party representive Michael Mangan and Republican Party representative Rosanne Scotti also stand in the room with the attorney general's office representive and the elections workers.

"All of the material they inventory will go to the Board of Elections where two Republicans and two Democrats will count all of the provisional ballots," said County Clerk Claire French. 

The process could take up to two weeks, according to French.

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Counting stops for a few hours in Monmouth as AG's Office dispatches monitor

Counting stops for a few hours in Monmouth as AG's Office dispatches monitor

FREEHOLD – A squat drab building on the side of a highway could describe a lot of places in New Jersey, but this one warrants a double take because a state trooper stands out front, and operatives come and go, frantically talking on their cellphones in the rain.

It’s two days after Election Day, but there remains a political war going on in Monmouth and here at the Clerk’s Office on Halls-Mill Road represents ground zero.

In a fight to secure a second seat on the Freeholder Board, Democratic candidate Amy Mallet leads Republican candidate John Curley by 18 votes, 135,688 to 135,670 as representatives from both parties jockey in the background for position in case a legal challenge goes down.

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Payne says he wants to focus on domestic issues, talks down ambassadorship rumors

Payne says he wants to focus on domestic issues, talks down ambassadorship rumors
U.S. Rep. Donald Payne (D-Newark)

NEWARK – Surrounded by a core of South Ward supporters, U.S. Rep. Donald Payne (D-Newark) watched the results come in last night and celebrated as he watched Sen. Barack Obama (D-Il.) win.

“I was very pleased with the victory and I’m also pleased that some of the concerns I had have been calmed a bit,” he said.

At the Democratic National Convention in August, Payne felt confident about Obama’s chances, and predicted the only potential barrier to an Obama victory would be race.

The Wall Street meltdown removed that as an issue, in the congressman’s view.

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Schaer proves crucial in Blanco win

Schaer proves crucial in Blanco win
Schaer campaigns for Blanco on Election Day

PASSAIC – Yesterday’s mayoral victory by physician Alex Blanco in a 62 percent turnout election depended heavily on the endorsement of Acting Mayor/Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-Passaic).

The city is split in half, with the 3rd and 2nd wards on the south side of town and 4th and 1st wards to the north.

In the heart of Schaer’s Orthodox Jewish community, Ward 3 totals show that Blanco earned 1,965 of his 3,859 total votes, according to the Passaic City Clerk’s Office.

That’s where nearly a third of the city’s total 25,543 registered voters are concentrated.

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"Potentially, we can get this done, because it's important. We get it. We understand it. But there are issues. There's the speedy trial component. How are we going to pay for this? How is the risk-assessment piece of it going to be done?" - Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32), on bail reform.

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