Corzine: 'You can be sure that what I say comes from the heart'

Corzine: 'You can be sure that what I say comes from the heart'
Gov. Jon Corzine (pictured last year at the Democratic National Convention).

A week prior to President-elect Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony and a new national epoch, there’s Gov. Corzine on television delivering an election year State of the State address before a joint audience of legislators in the Assembly chamber in a downbeat Trenton.  

He’s proud of New Jersey and says so - "I raised my kids here," explains the single, Hoboken-based governor whom Republicans regularly denounce as out of touch with middle class, suburban values.

The expectation in part is for Corzine to address a $2.5 billion budget deficit and as he puts human faces on problems with Ronald Reagan–style stand up and take a bow anecdotes ranging from Iraq War veterans to foreclosed homeowners, the millionaire governor dives into the teeth of his speech.

"What I say may not be popular, but you can be sure that what I say comes from my heart," he says, later quoting Lincoln on the anniversary of the 16th president's birth. 

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Sosa prepared to get on the ground for Christie gubernatorial campaign effort

The early 1990s were heady times for then Assemblyman Jose Sosa (R-Mount Holly), who pounded on 8,000 doors, sprang an unlikely upset over the Democratic Party in the 7th District in 1991 and went on to address the Republican National Convention in Houston a year later. 

In 1993, shell-shocked Democrats regrouped in a district they control by a 3-1 margin and defeated Sosa. 

He went back to the private sector, which is basically where he remained. 

“People told me after the election that I should move to a safe GOP district and run, but I’d never do that,” said Sosa, a mayor of Mount Holly before his single term in the Assembly. “This is where I live I’m not a carpetbagger. I’d rather be part of the party in some small way, but I will remain a Republican as long as I live - frustrated perhaps, but a Republican.”

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Pallone to Christie: release your schedules

Pallone to Christie: release your schedules
U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone has emerged as Chris Christie's leading critic on the Democratic side.

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) says that if GOP gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie is really interested in transparency, he'll release his public and private schedules during his seven years as the U.S. Attorney from New Jersey.

After a state appellate court ruled yesterday that Gov. Jon Corzine does not have to release his personal e-mails with his former girlfriend, union leader Carla Katz, Christie said that Corzine should release them anyway "in the interest of transparency."

"For the last five months, I have urged Chris Christie to release his public and private schedules so that the people of New Jersey can determine for themselves if he engaged in any improper political activities while serving as U.S. attorney," Pallone said in a statement released this morning.  "If Christie is truly interested in transparency, he should release his schedules and should stop hiding behind the Justice Department as to his role in questionable deferred prosecution agreements."

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Watch Corzine's State of the State live on NJN

Watch Corzine's State of the State live on NJN

Gov. Jon Corzine’s State of the State address will be broadcast live on New Jersey Network at 1PM today.  The speech will air simultaneously on NJN Public Radio and be web streamed and archived at The State of the State speech will be rebroadcast tonight at 10PM.  Republican Roger Bodman, Democrat Julie Roginsky, and Monmouth University Gannett NJ poll director Patrick Murray will provide analysis.

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Milam pleads guilty, avoids trial

Milam pleads guilty, avoids trial
Freshman Assemblyman Matthew Milam (D-Vineland) pleaded guilty to parking in a handicaped spot.

Assemblyman Matthew Milam (D-Vineland ) pleaded guilty today to parking in a handicapped spot,  just before a municipal court trial was set to begin.  Milam initially claimed that the spot was not properly marked.  He paid a $256 fine.   Milam, who won his first term in the Legislature in November 2007, retained an attorney and entered a not guilty plea after receiving his ticket last October.

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Schundler drops mayoral bid

Schundler drops mayoral bid
Former Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler won't run again in 2009.

Bret Schundler says he will not seek a return to the Jersey City mayoral post he held from 1992 to 2001, saying the nation's economic downturn has caused some of his long-term investments to plummet.  Schundler says he needs to work full-time and can't afford to seek public office this year.

Schundler gave up the post to seek the GOP nomination for Governor eight years ago.

The full text of Schundler's statement is as follows:

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Wilson to governor: let the people decide

Calling the ruling an “affront to open and honest government,” State Republican Party Chairman Tom Wilson this afternoon personally responded to a state appeals court judgment that Gov. Jon Corzine doesn’t have to release his email transmissions with former girlfriend and labor leader Carla Katz. 

Wilson’s suit had sought the opposite ruling, but he vowed to fight on if the governor doesn’t comply with what Wilson said is simply the right of the public to know. 

“From the outset, Jon Corzine hasn’t been honest about his relationship with Carla Katz and today’s ruling makes it clear that Katz and Corzine did, in fact, talk about the contract negotiations despite Corzine’s claims that he didn’t,” said Wilson of the governor's emails with the former local president of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) who negotiated a state workers contract with Corzine’s administration. 

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"In many ways, Fulop has embraced McGreevey’s granular-level approach to retail politics, racing around the state to raise money for congressional candidates in South Jersey one night, showing up at a Morris County Democratic Party function the next. His administration has also awarded legal work to Weiner Lesniak, the Parsippany-based firm run by state Sen. Ray Lesniak, the Union County Democratic Party power broker." - columnist Charles Stile

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