Weinberg loses life savings in Madoff Ponzi scheme

Weinberg loses life savings in Madoff Ponzi scheme
Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen)

The Wall Street Journal reports that state Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) lost her life savings in Bernard L. Madoff’s alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

According to the Journal, Weinberg had her savings, about $1.3 million, invested with Stanley Chais, a Los Angeles money manager and one of Madoff’s victims.

"Irwin had a saying, 'If you made a dollar and a half, you put 75 cents into a savings account and you lived on the other 75 cents,' " the Journal quotes Weinberg, speaking of her late husband, who had his own business building and designing retail stores. "That's how we lived."

On Monday, the senator described her husband as a hard-working child of the Depression and said of the news, “This is another road in one’s life that one must traverse. I’m a lot better off than a lot of other people who were affected by this.”

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Report: Jury reaches guilty verdict in Fort Dix case

The Cherry Hill Post reports that jurors in the Fort Dix trial this afternoon found the five defendants guilty of plotting to attack and kill soldiers at the military base.

The case became a campaign issue in the 2007 legislative race when Republicans questioned Democratic candidate Tracy Riley’s defense attorney husband’s decision to take the case.

To arguments that the five foreign-born defendants lacked the will to carry out their attack on the base, the Cherry Hill Post quotes Deputy U.S. Defense Attorney William Fitzpatrick saying such "was an obvious attempt to divert your attention" from the defendants' recorded words "that cry out for guilty verdicts."

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Marsh won't run for Hoboken mayor if Zimmer runs

Marsh won't run for Hoboken mayor if Zimmer runs
Former Hoboke Councilwoman Carol Marsh with her 2007 running mate, West New York Mayor Sal Vega

HOBOKEN - As elected officials here in the face of public discontent try to make their various arguments for why the state has assumed control of the municipal budget, at least one former elected official is watching from the perimeter.

Talk to locals about the mayor's race next year and most of them factor former Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Carol Marsh's name into a mix that includes Councilman Peter Cammarano, Councilwoman Beth Mason, Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer, Councilman Michael Russo and Mayor David Roberts.

In a phone conversation today with PolitickerNJ.com, Marsh said she was unlikely to run for mayor in 2009, and in one scenario would absolutely rule out the possibility.

"I'm 100 percent in support of Dawn if she runs," said Marsh, who ran unsuccessfully for the Assembly last year in the 33rd District on a ticket with West New York Mayor Sal Vega and Nicole Garcia of Union City.

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Capuana campaign to file ELEC report tomorrow, says treasurer

Capuana campaign to file ELEC report tomorrow, says treasurer
School Board President Vincent Capuana

PASSAIC – The campaign season never ends in Passaic, or at least it feels that way as newly elected Mayor Alex Blanco will likely have to face at least two challengers he already vanquished in the November special election to succeed the disgraced Sammy Rivera. 

Both city supervisor/School Board President Vincent Capuana and real estate developer Jose Sandoval show no signs of loosening the reins on their respective campaigns. 

Next year the contest will be for a full, four year term. It was in the spirit then of ongoing rivalry that Blanco’s people wondered why Capuana never filed a final 2008 report with the New Jersey Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC).

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L. Harvey Smith to run for mayor of Jersey City

L. Harvey Smith to run for mayor of Jersey City

Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith declared his candidacy for Jersey City mayor to the Jersey Journal’s Political Insider” column over the weekend.

"This should be a great city and I think I can help make it happen," he told the paper.

Smith, the former city council president, served as Acting Mayor for about six months in 2004, after the sudden death of Mayor Glenn Cunningham, and served a few months as a state senator. He lost the following special election to fill the remainder of Cunningham's term.

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In Plainfield, Mayor Robinson-Briggs will try to withstand Mapp's New Democrats

In Plainfield, Mayor Robinson-Briggs will try to withstand Mapp's New Democrats
Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs

PLAINFIELD – Get it right in four years or you’re gone. 

That’s the message the voters consistently deliver in the Union County city of Plainfield, and looking at past results, most of their elected leaders get it wrong. 

In 125 years of political wrangling, only one mayor won reelection here. 

That was the late Al McWilliams, a self-professed New Democrat who in 2005 failed to get over a rising crime wave and lost his bid for a third term to machine Democrat Sharon Robinson-Briggs by 325 votes, 2,713 to 2,388.

Now Robinson-Briggs, 49, Plainfield’s first woman to serve as mayor, readies for her reelection campaign next year in what will likely be a hard fought Plainfield contest with once and future councilman Adrian Mapp, a McWilliams ally and now leader of the New Democrats, who’s energized by his successful return to local politics.

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Peter Frelinghuysen says Felt did the right thing, says Pelosi is a 'poor excuse for a leader'

Peter Frelinghuysen says Felt did the right thing, says Pelosi is a 'poor excuse for a leader'
Credit: Getty Images Photo
'Deep Throat' Mark Felt died today yesterday at age 95.

As a Republican Congressman who served out his final term during the Watergate scandal, Peter H.B. Frelinghuysen did not know Mark Felt, the FBI’s number two man who turned out to be the famous “Deep Throat.”

But, reflecting on Felt’s passing yesterday at the age of 95, Frelinghuysen said he did the right thing by leaking information to Bob Woodward, and wishes there were more whistleblowers like him.

“If it’s something that should be talked about, we should talk about it,” said Frelinghuysen, 92, whose family has been prominent in New Jersey politics for over two centuries. “The sad part about Nixon was we were ready to impeach him if he hadn’t resigned.”

Frelinghuysen entered the House in 1953 – the same year Dwight Eisenhower took over the presidency. But unlike many of his fellow Republicans in the mid-1970s anti-Nixon wave, Frelinghuysen’s retirement was not forced. After 22 years, he felt he had been in office long enough in his safe district.

Looking back on it, Frelinghuysen has a hard time understanding he motivations behind the players of the Watergate scandal.

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