In Plainfield, Mayor Robinson-Briggs will try to withstand Mapp's New Democrats

In Plainfield, Mayor Robinson-Briggs will try to withstand Mapp's New Democrats
Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs

PLAINFIELD – Get it right in four years or you’re gone. 

That’s the message the voters consistently deliver in the Union County city of Plainfield, and looking at past results, most of their elected leaders get it wrong. 

In 125 years of political wrangling, only one mayor won reelection here. 

That was the late Al McWilliams, a self-professed New Democrat who in 2005 failed to get over a rising crime wave and lost his bid for a third term to machine Democrat Sharon Robinson-Briggs by 325 votes, 2,713 to 2,388.

Now Robinson-Briggs, 49, Plainfield’s first woman to serve as mayor, readies for her reelection campaign next year in what will likely be a hard fought Plainfield contest with once and future councilman Adrian Mapp, a McWilliams ally and now leader of the New Democrats, who’s energized by his successful return to local politics.

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Peter Frelinghuysen says Felt did the right thing, says Pelosi is a 'poor excuse for a leader'

Peter Frelinghuysen says Felt did the right thing, says Pelosi is a 'poor excuse for a leader'
Credit: Getty Images Photo
'Deep Throat' Mark Felt died today yesterday at age 95.

As a Republican Congressman who served out his final term during the Watergate scandal, Peter H.B. Frelinghuysen did not know Mark Felt, the FBI’s number two man who turned out to be the famous “Deep Throat.”

But, reflecting on Felt’s passing yesterday at the age of 95, Frelinghuysen said he did the right thing by leaking information to Bob Woodward, and wishes there were more whistleblowers like him.

“If it’s something that should be talked about, we should talk about it,” said Frelinghuysen, 92, whose family has been prominent in New Jersey politics for over two centuries. “The sad part about Nixon was we were ready to impeach him if he hadn’t resigned.”

Frelinghuysen entered the House in 1953 – the same year Dwight Eisenhower took over the presidency. But unlike many of his fellow Republicans in the mid-1970s anti-Nixon wave, Frelinghuysen’s retirement was not forced. After 22 years, he felt he had been in office long enough in his safe district.

Looking back on it, Frelinghuysen has a hard time understanding he motivations behind the players of the Watergate scandal.

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Weekend TV: Carla Katz

Former union leader and ex-gubernatorial girlfriend Carla Katz will do a one-on-one with Michael Aron this weekend on On the Record, airing Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., and on Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. They’ll talk about the ongoing email saga, union politics and Katz’s life in general.

Tonight at 7:00, I’ll be on Reporters Roundtable with Ben Dworkin, Director of the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics. The show, also hosted by Aron, will air again on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

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Dingell and Waxman cut a deal that lets Pallone keep Health subcommittee

Dingell and Waxman cut a deal that lets Pallone keep Health subcommittee
U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) will keep his powerful Health Subcommittee chairmanship

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) will remain as the chairman of House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health after an agreement announced today by Henry Waxman and John Dingell.  Dingell had hinted that he might challenge Pallone for the powerful subcommittee post after losing the full committee chairmanship to Waxman last month.

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Ganz has doubts about legal opinion

Freeholder David Ganz is among Bergen County’s elected officials who have called on indicted Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero to resign by January 15. But he does not feel that the legal opinion issued last night by the party’s counsel, Paul Kaufman, provides a legitimate way to force Ferriero out.

“I’m only practicing law for 30 years, but I think it’s a weak opinion. What he basically says is there’s nothing that authorizes it, but here’s how you do it, and then drops a footnote regarding the Attorney General who reaches the opposite conclusion,” said Ganz. “What he’s doing, in my view, is trying to take a conclusion that a lot of people want – maybe nearly everyone wants – and writing a legal opinion to justify it.”

The gist of Kaufman’s conclusion is that although no clauses in the bylaws of the Bergen County Democratic Organization (BCDO) address the removal of a sitting chairman, the committee could still legally call a vote on his removal.

Ganz felt that the opinion appeared to have been written with a conclusion already in mind.

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Whelan says pension deferral plan is dead

Whelan says pension deferral plan is dead
State Sen. Jim Wehlan (D-Atlantic)

As he prepares to join the ranks of other Democrats lining up to reelect Gov. Jon Corzine next year, state Sen. Jim Whelan (D-Atlantic) highlights the governor’s efforts to rein in state spending, combined with  the Democratic Party’s preparedness to create public works projects to deflect the impact of hard economic times.  


“I think unfortunately the reality of what New Jersey was experiencing has now gone to the entire economy,” said Whelan. “This state was overspending for 15 years, using a credit card mentality in its approach to the budget, and I think Gov. Corzine started moving things in the right direction. He has restored fiscal sanity to our state.   


“This administration and we as a party have made a statement that we’re not just going to tax our way out of this problem,” he added.     

“…In addition to a business stimulus package to create a bigger pie, we need New Deal-style public works projects. A guy told me the other day, ‘that’s not really what ended the Depression, it was WWII.’ Okay, but if you do projects that are essential now, it’s a good opportunity because with the economy dead, the contractors are willing to work for a little less and you can get better deals with labor.”

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Warren County clerk endorses Doherty

Warren County Clerk Pat Kolb today endorsed Assemblyman Mike Doherty (R-Washington Twp.) for state senate.

“Mike always supports the little guy. When the chips are down, you can count on Mike to do what is right and fair for the people. Mike is a man of great integrity and he has my wholehearted support for State Senate,” said Kolb in a statement.

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The Back Room

Christie: 'I'm the decider'

While describing to fellow Republicans a conversation he said he had with Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, Gov. Chris Christie borrowed a self-attribution from his old pal George W. Bush.

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Wake-Up Call

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