Corzine: 'I am glad this is all over'

Governor Corzine today expressed relief that the question of whether he will be forced to reveal his email correspondence with ex-girlfriend/former union leader Carla Katz has been resolved by the State Supreme Court’s refusal to hear Republican State Chairman Tom Wilson’s case.

“I am glad this is all over. I think we had a political fishing trip by folks that has gone on far too long.  I think that the things that we are working on here today, things of real substance, are what public life is supposed to be all about,” said Corzine in a statement.

Wilson argued that the emails should be aired so the public can judge whether Corzine and Katz engaged in back-channel negotiations during contract talks with Katz’s former union, CWA Local 1034.  

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Fulop hits Healy for campaign use of city vehicle

Jersey City Councilman Steve Fulop lashed out at Mayor Jerramiah Healy today for using city vehicles as campaign props.

Fulop, who is running for reelection to his Ward E council seat, said that the Healy camp draped a rented incinerator authority truck with campaign banners during the local St. Patrick’s Day parade.  While technically legal, Fulop doubted that city vehicles would be made available for anyone else to rent for campaign purposes.  

“While it has been clarified that this is a long practice in Jersey City and the Mayor’s campaign acted within city policy set years ago, the renting of city vehicles in the future needs to stop immediately. Renting of city property is not only in bad taste but it sets a bad precedent” Fulop said in a statement. “Can anyone rent city vehicles to use for advertising or for fun? Would the Mayor support any and all candidates running for any office the opportunity to rent city vehicles for campaign purposes?”

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Wilson says now that Corzine has made his point, he should turn over Katz emails

With no legal options remaining to force Governor Corzine to turn over emails between himself and ex-girlfriend Carla Katz, a former public employee union leader, Republican State Chairman Tom Wilson said today Corzine should release the emails on his own volition.  

“With the legal question now answered, all that is left is for Jon Corzine to answer the real question. Did his backchannel communications with Carla Katz, away from the bargaining table, influence his actions on the state worker contract?  The only way for people to know the answer is for Corzine to now release the e-mails,” wrote Wilson in his formal response to the State Supreme Court’s decision not to hear his legal challenge to Corzine today.

Corzine claimed executive privilege in keeping the emails out of view and said last year that the public would find most of the content “extraordinarily boring.”

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Report: Top court won't hear Corzine e-mail case

The Associated Press is reporting that the New Jersey Supreme Court has decided against hearing a case seeking the release of Gov. Jon Corzine's e-mails with his former girlfriend, labor leader Carla Katz.  The case had been filed by Tom Wilson, the Republican State Chairman.

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Yudin keeps Lonegan on BCRO convention ballot

Yudin keeps Lonegan on BCRO convention ballot
BCRO Chair Bob Yudin

Gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan’s campaign yesterday asked Bergen County Republican Chairman Bob Yudin to take Lonegan’s name off the ballot for tomorrow night’s convention in his home county. 

Today, Yudin refused.

“To now, just 48 hours before the convention, ask to have his name removed, I don’t feel is proper and therefore we will move on with the convention,” said Yudin. “First it denies the Lonegan rank and file an opportunity to vote for their man. Second of all we have a process in place.” 

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Pennacchio weighs in on Lehman lawsuit

In response to the state’s lawsuit against former Lehman Brothers executives and directors over $118 million in pension fund losses, State Sen. Joe Pennacchio (R-Montville) said that the legal action was “long overdue” but not enough.

Pennacchio would like to hold legislative hearings on state investment decisions.  

"This lawsuit doesn't provide the answers that taxpayers and retirees need to be certain that the state is competently managing the billions of dollars of hard earned money that is being placed in its care,” Pennacchio said yesterday in a press release. “I again call for immediate legislative hearings to determine whether the procedures governing state investment decisions are sound.”

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Morning News Digest: March 18, 2009

Frustrated it's not the fight he envisioned, Lonegan insists it's a fight he can win

Frustrated it's not the fight he envisioned, Lonegan insists it's a fight he can win

WEST ORANGE – Steve Lonegan left the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick dinner Tuesday night at the Mayfair in West Orange knowing the narrative gathering out there among the insiders - that he’s finished against Chris Christie, who keeps racking organizational support in the lead up to the June Republican Primary.

But the movement conservative goes back to his fundamental reading of a gubernatorial contest between Trenton insiders embodied by Christie’s campaign versus new leadership embodied by him, maybe a rationalization to those who see the former U.S. Attorney as a legitimate Republican star and Lonegan as a bona fide long shot.

To Lonegan it’s not the campaign he would have conceived but the one he has now with two and a half months to go, and which he insists he will win.

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Morning Digest: October 1st

Bergen County Freeholder forum mostly convivial, but at times confrontational TEANECK - The Bergen County freeholder forum on Tuesday night was a relatively collegial affair until the final two minutes on the 90-minute event. Republican freeholder candidate Robert Avery, flanked by fellow GOP freeholder candidate Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh, referred to...

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Legislation needed for publicly financed gubernatorial elections

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"I see Loretta Weinberg in the back of the room. Loretta, you have my eternal admiration for what you did to rid the Democratic Party of a certain political boss. However, not everyone shares that distinction." - Bergen County Republican Freeholder candidate Robert Avery

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