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Christie specter looms over ethics package

U.S. Attorney Chris Christie: Politicker file photoU.S. Attorney Chris Christie: Politicker file photoSubpoena activity in Paterson on the day Gov. Jon Corzine pulled the cape off of a sweeping new piece of ethics reform provided an ample reminder of another presence on the political landscape.

U.S. Attorney Chris Christie.

As some Democratic Party strongmen fume quietly about Corzine’s efforts to weaken the fundraising capacities of leadership committees in the third year of his gubernatorial tour of duty, his potential Republican opponent in 2009 is going through his own "anything you can do, I can do better" ritual, to hear the back-chatter in the state right now.

At worst, Corzine’s ethics package is a quick prep phase for what Democrats are certain will be another autumn appearance by Christie, who last year in early September decimated a statewide corruption ring and left the Democrats in a shambles trying to defend their recent ethics legislation. Gov. Jon Corzine: Politicker file photoGov. Jon Corzine: Politicker file photo

At best - to the most cynical - the newest ethics package signals what state Sen. Brian P. Stack (D-Hudson) calls some "better political thinking," which he would like to see practiced by the Corzine administration.

After all, Christie’s record suggests he’s coming with something.

The question is whether this time the U.S. attorney’s quarry will be the remnants of Operation Broken Boards, which felled 11 officials, but left some loose ends that many observers feel Christie will now resolve in short order - prior to the Nov. 4th election.

Or will it be bigger, on the order of more big fish reel-ins in Bergen County, for example?

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Trying to shake the Bush tag, Myers targets Adler investment

Medford Mayor Chris Myers: Politicker file photoMedford Mayor Chris Myers: Politicker file photo 

Dogged all week by a Bush fundraiser he attended on Monday, Medford Mayor Chris Myers retaliated today by charging that his opponent in the 3rd Congressional District race has his own issues with tainted money.

Myers took a swing at what he sees as state Sen. John Adler’s (D-Camden) two-faced record on Darfur, where the Sudanese government has enabled genocide.

The state senator, Myers said, voted for legislation divesting all of New Jersey’s state-administered pension fund investments from foreign companies that have ties to, or investments in, Sudan, while simultaneously investing his own money in "Petro China," a company closely linked to the Sudanese government.

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Garrett won't suspend campaign, but stays in Washington

U.S. Rep.Scott Garrett isn’t following John McCain’s example and formally suspending his campaign, but his staff insist that he’s spending most of his time in Washington right now.

”Congressman Garrett is in Washingtonworking diligently to help find a solution to the current economic crisis. He has always put the needs of the district before political campaigning, and this is no exception,” said Garrett Campaign Manager Amanda Gasperino. “Taking leadership on the need for sensible legislation, Garrett has introduced a bipartisan bill to form a Select Committee to investigate the financial bailouts of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, and Bear Stearns. Additionally, the Congressman has demanded that President Bush provide transparency in the 700 billion dollar bailout plan to protect the interests of taxpayers."

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Katz says Corzine emails shouldn't be disclosed because they touched on negotiations

er union leader and gubernatorial ex-girlfriend Carla Katz has filed a legal brief saying that the emails she exchanged with Gov. Corzine should be kept private because they touched on union negotiations, reports the Associated Press.  

Katz attorney Paul Fishman argued that the some of the emails made “in connection with” contract negotiations don’t have to be disclosed, while the rest of the correspondence is private.

Republican State Chairman Tom Wilson is suing to make the emails public, believing that they should be public information.  Corzine cited executive privilege.  Wilson won the initial phase of the lawsuit, but Corzine appealed. 

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U.S. Attorney's Office hits Paterson PD with five subpoenas

U.S. Attorney's Office hits Paterson PD with five subpoenas

Paterson Mayor Jose "Joey" Torres: Politicker file photoPaterson Mayor Jose "Joey" Torres: Politicker file photo

PATERSON - Mayor Jose "Joey" Torres this afternoon released a brief statement concerning five subpoenas issued yesterday by the U.S. Attorney's Office to the Paterson Police Department.

The subpoenas, said Torres, request records, bills, disclosure forms, credit card usage and the department’s vehicle policy during former director Michael Walker's tenure, "along with all documents pertaining to RDE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Shot Spotter, Proxim Wireless and Lawman Supply Companies."

"The Police Department has every intention of fully cooperating with this investigation and will readily make available any and all records of concern to the U.S. Attorney and his assistants," said Torres. 

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Republicans criticize Corzine for refusal to reopen the budget

The entire Republican Assembly caucus sent a letter to Gov. Corzine today urging him to reconsider his reluctance to cut more out of the state budget to deal with the looming financial crisis.

Republicans earlier this week pressured Corzine to reopen the budget in light of the nation’s fiscal emergency, to which he responded that he did not see an immediate need to do so and would “take responsible action as the facts unfold."

Corzine’s office said the budget was put together prudently and may be able to withstand the economic downturn.

“We, the undersigned members of the Assembly Republican Caucus, implore you to reconsider your refusal to revisit the budget for the current fiscal year and find more cuts to compensate for the loss of tax revenue that will be the inevitable result of the calamity on Wall Street and the continued loss of jobs,” read the Repubicans’ letter.

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Quote of the Day

Quote of the day

"This is the only Tea Party group that endorsed Mitt Romney. These guys are the Vichy French of the Tea Party movement. They're the guys who say 'Viva la France,' and then you can't find them when the fighting starts. Come on." - GOP strategist Rick Shaftan, on the Independence Hall Tea Party group.



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