In Passaic, Blanco and Sandoval go head-to-head, and also fight the rest of the field

School Board member Dr. Alex Blanco: Politicker photoSchool Board member Dr. Alex Blanco: Politicker photo 

PASSAIC - Just over a week ago he was somewhere in the middle of a crowded pack, barely distinguishable among the other contestants running for mayor. But from the standpoint of the Latino vote, which constitutes a little over 50 percent of the Passaic electorate, Councilman Joe Garcia’s the man right now.

At first it looked as though there were going to be three Puerto Rican candidates in the race: Ritzy Morales, Maritza Colon-Montanez and Garcia.

Then Morales dropped out on filing day, and two days later, Colon-Montanez aborted her own campaign and threw her support to Garcia.

That hit hard two men in the rest of the five-man field: Jose Sandoval and Alex Blanco.

The Dominican candidates won’t admit that the sudden moves by the Puerto Ricans produced any impact on the contest. Ask them about Morales and Colon-Montanez and they smile and shrug. No big deal. They weren’t going to do much anyway.

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Thanks for the bailout, comrade!

Thanks for the bailout, comrade!

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Still not feeling surge in Jersey polls, Obama backers revel in moment, pledge to work

Still not feeling surge in Jersey polls, Obama backers revel in moment, pledge to work

State Democratic Party Chairman Joseph Cryan address the crowd at Obama HQ on Saturday.: Politicker photoState Democratic Party Chairman Joseph Cryan address the crowd at Obama HQ on Saturday.: Politicker photo

WEST WINDSOR - The sense here on Saturday is the presidential race is no longer deadlocked nationally.

At this moment.

So when State Democratic Chairman Joseph Cryan asks the crowd of 260 Obama canvassers to demonstrate an upbeat mood, they respond with full-throated gusto in the packed headquarters of Obama’s campaign headquarters.

No one committed to a candidate in this cycle lets pass an opportunity to celebrate the good fortune of his or her presidential aspirant, be he Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) or Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

To hear the media tell the story, the fortunes appear too transient.

If this event occurred a week ago, the mood would have been borderline gloomy. But today Washington is mulling a $700 billion bail-out package for a flat-lining Wall Street and Sen. John McCain - longtime champion of deregulation in the private sector - also lugs a five-day old burden of suggesting that America’s economy is fundamentally sound.

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Christie to remain U.S. Attorney...for now

Christie to remain U.S. Attorney...for now

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Corzine: If Lance was so independent, he would have switched parties

Governor Corzine today said that, if state Sen. Leonard Lance really is so different from President Bush, he hasn’t demonstrated it enough.

“I think there are a lot of things that Leonard Lance would agree with President Bush on. I don’t think he is turning his back on the national security policies. I think, if I hear it right, he has generally been on the same side as the president with regard to regulatory policy – that would be no regulation or limited regulation,” said Corzine at a bill signing in Princeton. “There are differences, but if there were such sharp differences I think he would have changed parties. I haven’t seen that happen.”

Corzine’s comments come just days before President Bush comes to Colts Neck to raise money for Lance, who as of June 30th only had $81,000 on hand to Democrat Linda Stender’s $1.2 million, along with fellow Republican candidate Chris Myers.

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Republicans hope Bush brings bucks, Democrats hope he brings his approval ratings

Campaign staffers for Republican congressional candidates Leonard Lance and Chris Myers say they expect President Bush to show up for their joint fundraiser Monday, even though he's canceled fundraising appearances in Florida and Alabama to deal with the economic crisis.

Meanwhile, Democrats across the state are putting together a game plan, intent on not letting the unpopular president's private appearance go unnoticed by New Jerseyans.

A poll released today by Strategic Vision put Bush's New Jersey approval rating at 20 percent.

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Corzine weighs in on Ledger woes

Corzine weighs in on Ledger woes

While Governor Corzine makes occasional campaign stops for Barack Obama touting an economic plan that will create new jobs, New Jersey faces a potential loss of 2,000 jobs if The Star-Ledger and its sister publications go under.

The Ledger’s management has already threatened that it may need to either be sold off or close shop altogether if it can’t hammer out a contractual agreement with its drivers union by October 8th.

But when asked if there’s anything the State of New Jersey can do to help its largest newspaper, Corzine said that his hands were, for the most part, tied.

“We can’t bail them out. If you want a bail out you have to go to Washington these days. There’s plenty of that going on there,” he said. “But if there were economic support programs that would keep jobs in New Jersey – we have programs that will help make that happen, but we can’t bail out the shareholders or the owners of the Star-Ledger. That’s what free enterprise is about.”

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Morning Digest: April 18, 2014

Fulop endorses Smith in Bayonne mayoral raceBAYONNE - Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop parachuted into the Bayonne mayoral race on Thursday night by endorsing incumbent Mayor Mark Smith."It is a pleasure to be with you here, Mark," said Fulop to a crowd of more than 125 supporters at a...

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Quote of the Day

Quote of the day

"This is my first Mark Smith event. There have been a lot of changes in Hudson County over the last year and a half, and the most important change that has happened is that there really is unity. For the first time, we really are working together. Despite political differences. Mark and I have worked very hard to repair that. I'm really happy to be here in support of him, because I recognize that when you work together, politics becomes secondary and you really have time to focus on government, which is the most important thing." - Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop



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