Frank Huttle weighs Englewood mayoral bid

Frank Huttle weighs Englewood mayoral bid
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Frank Huttle, right, with Freeholder David Ganz in 2003

Attorney Frank Huttle is considering a mayoral run in Englewood, where incumbent Mayor Michael Wildes is retiring.  

Huttle, the husband of Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-Englewood) and partner in the politically connected law firm DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Wisler, LLP, plans to compete for the endorsement of the municipal Democratic committee, which will hear from him and Scott Reddin, a councilman who has already declared his intention to run for mayor, on Wednesday night.

Locals expect Wildes to field a candidate as well.

Frank Huttle and Reddin belong to the same anti-establishment faction of Bergen County Democrats that has often fought with Wildes.  In fact, Reddin already has the endorsement of his wife’s running mate, Assemblyman/Councilman Gordon Johnson (D-Englewood).

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Budget chairs go after Christie quote

Budget chairs go after Christie quote
Gov. Jon Corzine and state Sen. Barbara Buono (D-Metuchen)

Testing out their attack dog tonsils in a gubernatorial election year, legislative budget chairs state Sen. Barbara Buono (D-Metuchen) and Assemblyman Louis Greenwald (D-Voorhees) each gave a tongue lashing to GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie.

The presumptive Republican frontrunner for governor, Christie told NPR radio show host Brian Lehrer last Friday that “Governor Corzine has the responsibility for putting together this budget, and my responsibility is to critique what he’s done.” 

Both potential candidates for lieutenant governor on a 2009 ticket headed by Corzine, Buono and Greenwald said Corzine proposed a 2010 budget protecting education, health care, seniors, the most vulnerable, and $1 billion of property tax rebates, while executing $4 billion in spending cuts. 

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Sires won't rule out LG

Sires won't rule out LG
U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-West New York) last Friday evening, working the room in Perth Amboy.

PERTH AMBOY – He straddles four fundamental statewide Democratic Party building blocks in Hudson, Essex, Union and Middlesex, and, if asked, U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-West New York) “would consider” running for lieutenant governor on a ticket with Gov. Jon Corzine, he told   

It’s the politic answer, of course, meaningless perhaps in assessing the core of a public will, as it’s the same response most elected officials would give to the question. It insults no one, offers little discernable in the way of true ambition, yet admits a large enough ego - often useful in this game - to keep the option afloat, while enabling the politician to move humbly forward with the job immediately at hand - in this case, constituent services.

In his favor, sources close to the 58-year old Sires note that his formation was as an executive, not as a legislator. He served 12 years as mayor of West New York, which might make it easy for voters to envision him comfortably assuming the role of governor. 

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Greenstein: Christie call for state worker layoffs makes 14th tougher for GOP

Greenstein: Christie call for state worker layoffs makes 14th tougher for GOP

If Governor Corzine's calls for concessions from state workers are a political liability this year for Democratic Assembly members Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro) and Wayne DeAngelo (D-Hamilton), then Greenstein thinks former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie's comments about laying off state workers may have made the race much more difficult for whomever the Republicans run.

"It is true that Chris Christie seems to me, in a couple spots, to be taking a very anti-union approach, and I do believe the very people who will be running under him will be in a difficult position," said Greenstein.

Christie made the comments, subsequently reported by the Associated Press, on Friday morning's Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC.

Greenstein and DeAngelo, a freshman, sit in a district that is at the top of Republicans' target list this election cycle -- an area next to Trenton where state workers' unions and private sector organized labor members make up a large and extremely influential portion of the electorate.

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Riley and DiMaio sworn in today

The State Assembly gets two new members today.

Former Bridgeton Council President Celeste Riley, a Democrat, and former Warren County Freeholder John DiMaio, a Republican, are both set to be sworn in at this afternoon’s session.  

Riley replaces Doug Fisher, the state’s new secretary of agriculture, in South Jersey’s 3rd District.  She’s both the first female to represent that district and to come from Cumberland County. 

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Christie says Corzine was 'not forthright' in budget address

Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie said today that Gov. Corzine was being disingenuous by saying in his budget address that he cut state spending.

“I think in a number of ways the Governor’s budget was not forthright with the people of NJ in the way he laid it out last week,” Christie said in a conference call with reporters this afternoon.

Christie argued that spending actually increased from last year when you take into account the $2.2 billion in federal stimulus money that’s included in the budget for fiscal year 2010 – that actual spending is not the touted $29.84 billion, but $32.04 billion.  

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Curley, seeking GOP backing again to run for freeholder, calls Mason hiring 'despicable'

Curley, seeking GOP backing again to run for freeholder, calls Mason hiring 'despicable'
John Curley receives congratulations at last year's GOP convention from longtime ally state Sen. Jennifer Beck (R-Red Bank).

Former Red Bank Councilman John Curley intends to screen before the County Republican Committee on March 28th in an effort to secure his party’s backing to again run for freeholder, this time against incumbent Freeholder Director Barbara McMorrow.

Curley, who now lives in Middletown, won the machine count in his race with Amy Mallet last year, and then lost the election after a tally of absentee ballots.

Now he’s back, excoriating the Democratically-controlled freeholder board for hiring Mallet’s running mate, Glenn Mason, to serve as the county’s emergency management coordinator at $75,000 per-year.

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Gloucester GOP convention cancelled

Gloucester County GOP Chair Loran Oglesby has canceled the Republican convention and will instead award the organization line for statewide, legislative and county candidates after a vote of an Executive Screening Committee she appointed on Friday.  Oglesby is facing a challenge for re-election in a party vote that will come the week after the June primary.

Local sources suggest that Christopher Christie had the votes in place to win the convention - rival Steve Lonegan is no longer competing for organization endorsements - and that Oglesby's decision to change the endorsement process could be a signal of her intention to back Lonegan.  In 2008, Murray Sabrin ran on the Gloucester organization line.

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"In many ways, Fulop has embraced McGreevey’s granular-level approach to retail politics, racing around the state to raise money for congressional candidates in South Jersey one night, showing up at a Morris County Democratic Party function the next. His administration has also awarded legal work to Weiner Lesniak, the Parsippany-based firm run by state Sen. Ray Lesniak, the Union County Democratic Party power broker." - columnist Charles Stile

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