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By NJGOP Communications | September 18th, 2009 - 2:26pm
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TRENTON - As our state faces the highest unemployment in 33 years and nearly 200,000 jobs lost in the last year, Governor Corzine continues to demonstrate just how out-of-touch with New Jerseyans he really is. What was the governor's recommendation to out-of-work New Jerseyans seeking jobs and relief from the crushing 9.7% unemployment in our state? Move to North Dakota. We've compiled a list of Governor Corzine's Top 10 Ways To Help Unemployed New Jerseyans: 10.  Move To Virginia.  Unemployment Rate: 6.5%.  They elect their governor on the same schedule as New Jersey AND they have a lower unemployment rate, making for a smooth transition. 9.  Move To Vermont.  Unemployment Rate: 6.8%.  If the maple syrup doesn't pull you in, maybe a job making it will. 8.  Move To New Hampshire.  Unemployment Rate: 6.9%.  We don't know much about New Hampshire, but Governor Corzine seems to think it's ok to move there for a job. 7.  Move To Maryland. Unemployment Rate: 7.2%.  Maryland has an Ocean City, too, so it's really not that big of a difference.  Except they have jobs. T-5. Move To Connecticut OR Delaware.  Unemployment Rates: 8.1%.  In this 5th place tie, New Jerseyans following Governor Corzine's advice to get some relief from our state's 33 year high unemployment can go either west or north.  At least we have options. T-3.  Move To Maine OR Pennsylvania.  Unemployment Rates: 8.6%.  Another tie, another pair of states with lower unemployment than New Jersey. 2.  Move To Wyoming.  Unemployment Rate: 6.6%.  Wyoming, the Cowboy State, not only has jobs for New Jerseyans, they have cowboy boots.  What's not to like? 1.  Move To North Dakota.  Unemployment Rate: 4.3%.  Governor Corzine said it best himself, "If you want to go to a real low unemployment rate, go to North Dakota." ###

Wake-Up Call

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Quote of the Day

Quote of the day

“Receiving $74,000 in severance pay is entirely inappropriate and unjustifiable. No elected official is entitled to sick or vacation time. You don’t put out your hand and beg, you raise your hand and say ‘Thank God I was healthy.' There’s no reason for anyone to collect money on the way out the door or for overtime.” - Council President Andre Sayegh, candidate for Paterson mayor.

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