Princeton pastor cites Watson Coleman's opposition to death penalty in picking her for CD12
Watson Coleman allies hit the streets in Mercer for this morning's labor walk. By Max Pizarro | May 31st, 2014 - 9:36pm
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Princeton community leader, the Rev. Robert Moore, today endorsed Bonnie Watson Coleman for the Democratic nomination in Tuesday’s 12th Congressional District Primary.

Tonight, Watson Coleman headlines a fundraiser in Princeton as she seeks to keep her main rival in Tuesday election, state Sen. Linda Greenstein (D-14), from intruding onto her home Mercer footprint.

Since 1981, Moore has served as the full-time Executive Director of the Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA), a regional organization dedicated to the abolition of nuclear weapons, a peace economy, and a halt to weapons trafficking at home and abroad.  Rev. Moore also serves as part-time Co-Pastor of Christ Congregation in Princeton.

“I saw a clear difference in Bonnie Watson Coleman over Linda Greenstein in the ACLU debate," Moore said. "First, on the problem of mass incarceration, Bonie simply gets it, and understands it.  This is the new Jim Crow and you have to understand that to solve it.  Second, on the issue of the Death Penalty, Bonnie fought to end it and that is the same position I hold on the issue.”

Since 2003, under Rev. More’s leadership, CFPA has increased the number of its chapters five-fold, from four to twenty.

Watson Coleman thanked Moore for his support in Tuesday’s election.

“Rev. Moore is a respected community leader and his support for our campaign is a huge boost,” said Watson Coleman.  “As we come into the final days of the campaign all of the candidates involved have had sufficient opportunity to lay out their platforms and explain to voters why they think they would be the best candidate to try and pick up where Rep. Rush Holt is leaving off.  We have received a tremendous amount of grassroots support from across the country and within communities throughout the entirety of the 12thCongressional District.  We are looking forward to the final push towards Tuesday’s election, and Rev. Moore’s endorsement today provides an additional lift for the campaign as we continue to spread our message in the coming days.”

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"Enlisting Fox is another reminder of how much Christie has truly relied on insiders, including Democrats, to bolster his agenda or bail him out of trouble. Not long after arriving in Trenton in 2009, Christie began collaborating with George Norcross, the deeply entrenched Democratic Party kingmaker, to help him cut deals with a Democratic-controlled Legislature.
When his close ally David Samson resigned as chairman of the Port Authority over conflict-of-interest questions earlier this year, Christie replaced Samson with John Degnan, a pillar of the Democratic Party establishment. And now, confronted with a crisis, Christie has turned to “Jamie,’’ as Fox has been known throughout political circles since he began as an aide in the Democratic Senate in the 1980s." - columnist Charles Stile

- The Bergen Record


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